My Devices No Longer Work After the Android Security Patch (Keeps Loading & 4001)!

I can’t use Alfred anymore after the recent Android security patch. I need some help!

A little while back, Google launched a security patch. Anything under android 6.0.1 should be fine because Alfred already requested permission when you logged in for the first time. For android 6.0.1 and up however, you have to manually give Alfred permission and access again.

If you experience the problem, Alfred might fail to load on your Viewer and give your Camera the 4001 error message:

Fortunately, the fix is easy!

Go to Settings > Apps > Alfred > Permissions, and enable all the options:

Dismiss the app and launch it again. That’s it! You are good to go again!

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Hola intento resolver el problema con android 6.0 marshmallow, (4001)trato de conceder el permiso pero me envía un mensaje de superposicion de pantalla, no entiendo que significa?

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Dear @jmart4ever

Muchas Gracias por venir a Alfred Center! Creo que en los dispositivos españoles, sus pasos son

Ajustes > Aplicaciones > Alfred > Permisos