My camera keeps turning off WiFi and locking itself

My camera keeps going off WiFi and locking by itself and I have tried to make it stay woke and don’t know how. Can I get help please?

This is a common problem. Alfred needs to implement offline recording to compensate for this. I have two older android devices that I have tried several things to keep the device awake and connected to no avail. Both devices disconnect after a day or two. One of them will reconnect after a little while but the other needs manual intervention. This one needs to be either rebooted or woken up (ie hit the power button) and it will come back online.

I don’t think there is a universal fix for this and this will ALWAYS be a problem - this is why Alfred needs to come up with a work around - such as offline recording. I do not see any reason why they cannot do this. Allow the user to set the amount of offline storage and then just use this as a buffer.

There are some things you can do to try to help. Below are tips for Android, if you have an Apple I can’t help.

-Look in your device’s battery settings. Depending on the version of Android, there should be a setting for “battery optimization” or something like that. Turn optimization off for Alfred. That “should” keep android from putting Android to sleep.

-Look in your devices advanced Wi-Fi settings to see if there is an option to keep it awake.

-I’ve also tried searching the google play store for applications to keep wifi awake. They did not help me, maybe they will help you.

-I also tried setting up a Tasker or other automation application that would look at the Wi-Fi state and if it was disconnected it would wake the device up, cycle WiFi OFF/ON. It would then wait 2 minutes and start monitoring the WiFi all over.

Thanks for your help! I do have Android. An LG