My camera keeps turning off WiFi and locking itself

My camera keeps going off WiFi and locking by itself and I have tried to make it stay woke and don’t know how. Can I get help please?

This is a common problem. Alfred needs to implement offline recording to compensate for this. I have two older android devices that I have tried several things to keep the device awake and connected to no avail. Both devices disconnect after a day or two. One of them will reconnect after a little while but the other needs manual intervention. This one needs to be either rebooted or woken up (ie hit the power button) and it will come back online.

I don’t think there is a universal fix for this and this will ALWAYS be a problem - this is why Alfred needs to come up with a work around - such as offline recording. I do not see any reason why they cannot do this. Allow the user to set the amount of offline storage and then just use this as a buffer.

There are some things you can do to try to help. Below are tips for Android, if you have an Apple I can’t help.

-Look in your device’s battery settings. Depending on the version of Android, there should be a setting for “battery optimization” or something like that. Turn optimization off for Alfred. That “should” keep android from putting Android to sleep.

-Look in your devices advanced Wi-Fi settings to see if there is an option to keep it awake.

-I’ve also tried searching the google play store for applications to keep wifi awake. They did not help me, maybe they will help you.

-I also tried setting up a Tasker or other automation application that would look at the Wi-Fi state and if it was disconnected it would wake the device up, cycle WiFi OFF/ON. It would then wait 2 minutes and start monitoring the WiFi all over.

Is this another app?

Three different cameras, two networks and they all quit simultaneously. Nothing worng with power supply or network. It is Alfred(Google) not your equipment orsomething you are doingwrong. I have updated Google Play services and tried everything I can think of. Has to be Google’s end.

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Missnesh2002 try using cawice

Why dose it keep cutting of line?.

it happens with chrome and firefox so Id say its Alfred thats the problem