My camera is been running since 1 month perfectly . Now I'm far away from home. And it is giving 7007 error. Is there any chance to wake up the camera from here? When I press circle, it will open full screen mode instead of waking up camera. Plz help

It would be really helpful if you’d provide the following information so our engineer colleagues can identify and solve your problem sooner.

Which device has the problem? Viewer or Camera
Device Model Name:
OS Version:

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I m unable to see video on viewer as it giving error 7007.
Camera OS is android 4.4.2. latest alfred app.
On the viewer side android 6.0 and latest alfred app.

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Camera device is micromax e311.
Viewer device is Kenobi k5 note.

Hi @mattoliajitendra,

Thank you for joining us at Alfred Center!

We took a quick look at your Camera’s health status and think it has most probably been disconnected from the Internet. You can run a health check like this:

Essentially, your Camera loses connection all the time. The condition is not optimal.

You might have to wait until you get home to restart Alfred and bring it back online. Also, please update Alfred on your Camera device. This might help.

@sunny this is exactly the same issue I’ve been having all along. If you look back at any of my topics that I tagged you in directly I get the same problem. It reminds me of LAN only access cameras, on a grander scale of course . It will work around the housr and even in the neighborhood but once you reach a certain distance the connection gets lost and the camera goes offline. Meanwhile, the WiFi connection is actually up and running with no issues. Yet Alfred continues to claim the Internet connection issue. Keep in mind, wifi setting on camera device is set to “Always On”. The app has permission in the settings to allow unrestricted access to WiFi and mobile networks. To avoid the app being shut off in the Background by Android OS. Lastly the device is constantly on a power source. In short, I relate to this same exact issue. It just happened recently over this past weekend. I was 120 miles way from home.

Hi @palmerk0802,

Every setup is different, but I can assure you Alfred works as long as the devices are connected to the Internet, regardless of the distance.

Regarding this weekend, I took a look at the logs of your Camera. Your WiFi essentially completely dropped at some point, which would explain why Alfred wasn’t working anymore:

As far as I can tell tho, it did reestablish connection after a few hours.

I hope this offers some kind of explanation. I understand how frustrating it is for the Camera to bail on you when you are far away, but most of the time we can find a reason, and most of the time it is related to the environment.

Camera is always connected to charger. And 3g network is always present on phone. I have paid for 3g data. I m not using wifi . Still there is problem. I m far away from home, how can I update camera from here. In viewer showing 5012 error. Plz help

Hi @mattoliajitendra,

Thanks for reaching back out.

5012 isn’t actually a problem at all. Alfred has no force-update mechanism, so it is just a reminder.

The major problem with your Camera is that it gets disconnected very, VERY often.

It seems like most of the time it does manage to re-establish connection, but some Events might be missing and you might experience issues watching live feed.

Getting a stable connection for the Camera device would be ideal when you get the chance.

I’m sure by now you know I have and always will stand by you and this project 100%. But I have to figure something is being missed here. I have other work enabled devices all of which functioned throughout the entire time that Alfred is showing this complete drop in wifi signal. I know there’s only so much you can do. So thanks for what you have done with this app. This does being me back to the offline functionality mode, capturing what was missed while the connection is being reestablished. Lastly, in regards to this issue, at times when the connection drops, many times android OS will lock the device and close all apps running in the background, which for some reason the remote restart doesn’t function anymore.

Hey @palmerk0802,

Thanks for the support!

Alfred is more dependent on a solid connection than most other apps, so that could be why. We have definitely been talking about offline Motion Detection, so hopefully we’ll make that a reality soon!

As for the Android devices closing background apps when they lose connection, we think it might depend on the model. Does this happen to any of the devices you are currently using?

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After one or two days camera started .

Without doing anything

But today again facing same problem with additional 3002 error plus 7007 error

Why there is no update circle in viewer?? I have fully updated android services. Suggest what to do for error 7007??

Hi @mattoliajitendra,

I’m afraid 7007 has nothing to do with updating Alfred. The main issue for your Camera Phone is the unstable Internet connection. Is there a way of connecting it to a better connection, preferably WiFi?

Have encountered same problem while I’m miles away from home. Now don’t have any means to watch my dog. This really sucks :frowning:

Hi @d.khanayat,

Thank you for reaching out!

It seems like your Camera device has crashed because the RAM is very limited. You will have to have access to the device before you can bring it back online. In the future, you can try to enable/disable the Camera with Alfred’s Remote Switch to release some RAM to prevent this problem:

Hope it helps!