My Alfred Memories - Share Your Superhero Story



It’s my I spy in the sky guy!


SMILE, Alfred’s watching. :yum:


I wanna watch u being an itiot… Lol


Setting up Alfred camera saved me from sleepless nights, wasted money and gave me peice of mind.


I use Alfred to give me peace of mind with my home security


I use Alfred on several phones to keep an eye on my 3D printer wherever I am, with multiple angles. (It’s on a smart plug for if anything goes wrong, I can shut it down from wherever I am too)


I use Alfred as a deterrent, knowing my whole life is secured.


I use Alfred to catch my neighbour sneaking into my backyard


I use Alfred to keep the ghosts in my apartment from opening my front door!


I use Alfred to help save the world around me!


Alfred Let’s You Keep An Eye On Things Without You Needing To Be There!


Holy Camera Batman!!! :bat:


I love knowing that Alfred is watching my home when I am away.

I also have alfred set up to watch a remote controled security gate. This way I can see who is comeing or leaving. Most usefull app Ihave ever seen.


Hey yall doing?? Im really greatful to yall for creating this awesome app . I use this spp to watch our hotel biz since it got a intercom where people can hear us if we out on the property , really helpful.


I use Alfred to catch unwanted intruders in my home!!strong text


I use Alfred to make sure my roommates don’t try stealing my cookies!


Alfred, meu terceiro olho que não pisca!


I care for a LOT of community cats and I use alfred to keep an eye on them and keep them safe!! I scared off a couple of coyotes the other night that were trying to eat their food!!!
Thank you for this service!!


I learned word of wisdom through Alexa and found the peace of mind with Alfred.


I use Alfred to protect my dog, my home and my family enerocasa