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I use Alfred for when I’m gaming or working at my desk and I expect a package to arrive, got my old phone set up so I can see the driveway foto when the delivery guys come :grin: I just love it, otherwise I could never focus and was always worried I’d miss a package


Friend of my got rubbers into his apartment with Alfred. He have a dog and :dog2: that was the reason to use alfred, BUUT… a surprise was waiting for him into the records… Two guys just searching into his bathroom maybe money or something expensive, without any mess… I am using just for my cats (unfortunately auto detection doesn’t wok very well now… And I didnt get any records)


Alfred keeps me safe and sound like a Pitbull.


I adopted Alfred into Our Family as A Guardian Angel!
Alfred is "The Best ". My Family is Safe. Our Home has Alfred The Angel Watching Over Us.
Alfred is easy to use. Inexpensive. And works Wonderfully. Very Helpful With Topics of how to Keep Ourselves Safe. The Best!! I couldn’t be Happier and the feeling of safety for my Family is Priceless. Recommend Alfred Our Angel to ALL Our Friends and Family!!
Thanks Alfred!!!


I use Alfred to get a better nights sleep and maintain peace of mind whether it is daytime or night, Alfred sleeps with one eye watching and waiting to help keep my family and belongings safer, whether it’s from unwanted salesmen, brazen daylight burgerlers or people creeping in my driveway at night.


I use Alfred to look how sweet sleep my kid😍


I own a store in the Virgin Islands that is watched when Im not there by 2 cellphone cameras on alfred. I can communicate 2 way as well and set off the alarm.


I use Alfred as a babysitter for my dog, and I see intruders before they see me. Make me feel safe


Unfortunately the high crime rate in my city has increased over the years mainly in homes. My family does not have enough money to buy security cameras or electric fences. It was there that I researched some accessible way for my family and then I found Alfred who fortunately gave me the opportunity to see everything happening on my street (front of house). So responding to this incredible event hosted by our developers, I use Alfred in front of my house trying to stay alert to any bad guys. I and my family would be very happy and grateful to receive Premium Alfred. Thanks to all developers, contributors for this amazing app! I apologize to the spelling mistakes.
Att. Filipe Caetano, 23 years, Brazil, Mogi Guaçu-SP 01/18/2019.


I use Alfred to keep an eye on my lizard


I use alfred(Lil-Al) to watch my room ro make sure my spiteful uncle doesn’t steal anything/break in my room … he acts like a spoiled kid since my dad passed… But treats us like shit … I use alfred (lil AL) for peace of mind🤔


I use Alfred to babysit my new baby chicks in their coop.


Alfred is the best butler, he watches over our place when we can’t be there


Alfred, keeps a watch on Everything all the time!


I use Alfred on eight cameras to watch my gates and doors so no one comes or goes without me knowing.


I use Alfred because he is wise, he will never tell a lie, and he is Always on time!


I use Alfred to make sure my kids are safe and make sure our home is protected from invasion


I use Alfred to help me feel safe after moving into my first new apartment!


I use Alfred to protect my loved ones at home


To catch my partner going threw my paper work and my personal stuff. Then swore on his mother’s grave. He did not do it.