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I use Alfred to watch over my only other family member my dog Raleigh


I use Alfred to monitor our two puppies and the front and side of our condo! Thank you so much you


I use alfred to keep an eye on my fish tanks anywhere I go!

No more surprise leaks or jumping fish!


I use Alfred to look for police to raid my friends house which has an active warrant!


I use Alfred to Make sure nobody is sneaking candy cookie ext at night


I use Alfred to see who is stealing phones etc in our homeless shelter.


I use Alfred for the obvious reasons but also to maintain my sanity. For example, if I’m not in my work area in my building out back and I think things have been moved around since I last left it…Alfred keeps me sane by either showing myself moving the object(s) or, as is usually the case, someone else who had no right to be there. I appreciate Alfred!


I use Alfred to watch my 3D printers when I can’t be there. I also set it up so my parents can watch their bird feeder.


My dad was worried that his sump pump would fail and flood his basement,and he couldn’t sleep. I set up Alfred to keep an eye on it, and it was a big relief for him.

What does Alfred do for U? (Not for technical issues)

Alfred has eased my mind and settled my heart and soul ,also has given me hours of fun and humorous entertainment .has saved my marriage and gotten my spouse out of the dog house .i will continue to use it even if i have to pay for it.Thank you Alfred you AREmy one and only FAVORITE app!!:revolving_hearts::sparkling_heart::lips::point_up:️:heart_eyes:

What does Alfred do for U? (Not for technical issues)

I use Alfred to monitor my dog who needs special care.


I use the night vision as I walk around the dark trenches in the night due to these cataracts; Alfred can see me through all troubles from my door to mailbox at 2am :wink: -Kari


Things seemed to always go missing in my room. So Alfred helps me monitor my sanctuary and I know who exactly to ask when they take something. They still haven’t realized it’s my old phone that’s watching.


Alfred :camera_flash: trapped my Landlord invading my room!
January 14, 2019


Ain’t nobody eating my snack cakes anymore


I use Alfred to watch my grandma to make sure she’s ok while I’m having to grocery shop because I have to take care of her 24\7 nobody else will do it their either old their self or they dont have the time as they say!

What does Alfred do for U? (Not for technical issues)

I use Alfred for my car with my hotspot sometimes and it saved me from a multi million dollar lawsuit when a 20year old was riding his motorcycle at a high rate of speed and didnt see me in a black truck at aprox 9pm in June of 2018 at the on ramp getting on the freeway and the poor kid I say kid because I’m 42 and i made bad choices when I was that age ! Unfortunately for the guy on the motorcycle he was hurt pretty bad and due tons accident a month prior the kid was in his insurance had dropped him so needless to say I lost my 4x4 pu truck but didnt have to pay anything above the 50k policy I had and if not for that video I had already been found at fault by my own insurance company (the lizard co.) Until I said hey slow down on that it wasn’t my fault to which the adjuster said sure it’s not with a chuckle and a condescending attitude as she proceeded to say 99% of people crossing traffic are always at fault so we will just pay out the policy limits and your liable for what’s left and I said I told you it was not my fault she chuckled and I said you might want to get all your facts befor finding people at fault and told her about the video…so I was not liable for a million dollar plus lawsuit and I would like to say that the poor kid on the bike is in my prayers and didnt deserve the harsh punishment for making a bad decision

What does Alfred do for U? (Not for technical issues)

We use Alfred as our life line to watch for his wife to come home threw one door as i use my emergency exit to escape out the back door!! When she wont give you a divorce then phone a friend and use Alfred as your free life line towards the end!!!
:confused::see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil::man_facepalming::broken_heart::classical_building::writing_hand::calling::crossed_fingers::man_judge: :wave::interrobang:


Alfred is like a personal guard dog!


Alfred! Is my guardian angel :innocent: