My Alfred Memories - Share Your Story



I use Alfred for my cheating wife… She liked the whole time till I showed her my little friend… ALFRED… THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE FREEDOM OF A SELFISH BITCH!!!


I use Alfred to check my 3d printer when i’m not at home, while printing phone stands for Alfred :wink:


I use Alfred to protect my home and family


I use Alfred to keep an eye on my pregnant goats. They are due any day and I don’t want to miss being there to make sure all goes well.


My alfred is my home\ guard from my scumbagg uncle & he is a danger to all of us in the house and everyone is afried of him and conflicts


I use alfred to cover every angle , every window and every entrance ’ alfred always has my back


We use alfred for everyones security and safety! Alfred will make sure of that so there are really no worries!


I :heartpulse: my Alfred=I use Alfred to keep my roomates out of my bedroom whenever I am away…and curiously, I have discovered just how active my cat really is whenever I am not home --she is a real acrobat actually!!! I am so glad to have new use for my old phone as well, even though it has a cracked screen. Kudos to all at Alfred, it is a brilliant application & I am so happy to be a part of it now​:+1::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


Love our Alfred he helped police out before Christmas for a horror incident and hopefully he will be helpful for many more years :revolving_hearts:


I use Alfred to catch my son antagoniizing my dog.


No it’s mine. You can’t catch what you can’t see. So hide alfred he has all the time in the world.


I use Alfred to play with my little Willie (who is a cat) :stuck_out_tongue: .


I use Alfred to watch the CRAZY everyday activities of my neighbors I catch some funny thing’s


Ok so my dog gets really upset when I leave him to got to work but now I can keep talking at the little feller hes such a good boy yes he is


Busted roommate ! My nephew lost his job because of automation. To make his mortgage he decided to rent out a few bedrooms. Knowing he had spare older phones around I bought him the $4.99 upgrade. After turning on the Motion Detector he caught one roomie stealing his towels and she even picked up the phone! We watched the whole thing and saw her placing the items in her car trunk! Thanks Alfred You Rock @ #story When will you market a cover or box to hide the phone in the open?


I use Alfred to watch my cat, Ziggy, terrorize and stalk our dog, Doobie!


I like being on the other side of town and know who is walking up my driveway, thank you Alfred.


We use Alfred as our digital bunny sitter and bunny guard for our 2 cotton-tailed kids!


I use Alfred to keep it all honest and accountable.


I use Alfred to catch a thief but it’s so much more! We have it set out hidden in a picture frame at parties and never miss the funny shit that happens. We mess with the pets, kids delivery people with the intercom feature. I have even set it up in my work truck to snag a thief. I told my friends about it. They use it instead of ring. It caught 3 peeps leaving the scene of crime next door. Its snagged a bike theft at night in neighbors yard at about 50 ft away. And caught a kid shooting paintballs at an elderly neighbors house. I love my lil butler! Awesome app. Thanks for doing it!