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It’s our duty to keep the cookie jar safe & sound!



Wow, this is so cool! Thanks for the logo! One more reason to love Alfred. :blush:


It’s very nice of you to keep these cute animals unharmed. :slight_smile: Cats


Hey Diego,

Thank you so much for sharing a photo with us! We put the photo in our new logo to memorize this special moment. Let Alfred continue to be the guardian of your home!



Hi, thanks for sharing your story with us. We’re glad that Alfred helps. :slight_smile:



Naughty kid!



Keep hands off our birdies!! :bird:



We’ve got the feeling that these kids aren’t gonna love Alfred! :joy:



At your command, sir! :raising_hand_man:



Nobody can steal the apple on Alfred’s watch! :apple:



Oh my gosh!



He is very curious & content on doing what he wants to do :grinning:


I was thinking more like this, but I like your reply photo too.


Oh but I AM watching you, cat.


I use alfred to keep my fish alive.
I’m a teacher and I have fish in my classroom. I have to make sure the lights go on and off at the right times, temperature is fine, cleaning lady not to tap the glass… alfred helps me keep and eye on that from home.

What does Alfred do for U? (Not for technical issues)

I use Alfred to keep an eye on my animals and to give me peace of mind when I’m not home.
It has been very helpful btw! Love being able to check on my animals when I’m out of town, and to have both of the section entrances covered in case of trouble. It helps me breathe easier :slight_smile:


I use Alfred to See if people are talking behind my back


So your man is unreliable? Hasn’t got a job(wont work) and has issue with his past(2 day old videos are all that are available) and he can’t see in the dark…(see wont wotk above).


I use Alfred to show me who my friends are!!!


I use Alfred so I can catch a mf stealing… and it’s better for the environment to repurpose an old device as opposed to trashing it…