My Alfred Memories - Share Your Story



With simplicity, Alfred gives me piece of mind. Thanks Alfred!


I use Alfred to have peace of mind that everything is OK at home when I’m away.


I use Alfred Camera to watch burglars around my room and also for nabour watch


I’m using Alfred to find out which cat is using the rug as a litter box. Cat’s beware!


To watch where I can not see


I use Alfred to monitor the front door of the entire apartments building and everyone loves it!


I use alfred to show me when the “Nasty Nasty apparition” tries it’s luck to upset my wife and children by appearing to them in its most foul disgusting form. If not for alfred I would not be able to take on the evil


I use Alfred as my trusty, loyalty ensuring and disappearance free side kick. He makes the best Eggs Alfred.


Alfred is my "new age Magnum P.I. "


Please don’t laugh, but a while back I started noticing things being moved. I thought it was the people who lived in the apartment with us, so after downloading and watching the recorded footage. I use Alfred to catch ghosts


Well first i love Alfred. I not only use for security but also use for my private videos :smiling_imp::kissing_heart: yea so what it works fantastic.


“I SEE YOU!” My all seeing eye Alfred keeps track of all the coming and going of everybody and with motion detection even time stamps the coming and going. I got a camera up on all my homes entrances.Thank you Alfred


I use Alfred to control how my plants growing in my greenhouse and who steals my apples in the garden ))


Off to work, confident in my buddy alfred to keep an eye out


I use alfred to watch my toolbox at work. Tools are very expensive.


I love it
Nice reliable
Easy use


I use Alfred for keeping an eye into our garden and see what happen there. Using an old 2.3 android device as a camera. Thanks for making such a great product.


Hey Raissa,

Thanks for sharing your Alfred story with us. We made a New Logo photo based on what you use Alfred to protect. Hope you enjoy Alfred as we do!



3D printer! That’s cool, Daniel. :smiley:



Such a cute story this is!