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I use Alfred for home security and also to check my kids and babysitter.


The best and most reliable in real time


I use Alfred, to watch my aging father. He is 97 soon to be 98. When I am there taking care of him. I can easily turn on Afred in the room he is in while I clean his room. Because he can’t stand by himself I can have the camera in a private area and can see when he needs help. I can also speak to him to ask him to wait until I get there. With Alfred it frees me up to get other things done while feeling comfort in knowing he is ok in the other room.


Here is my entry.
I use Alfred to not freak out while blissing out.


My security and piece of mind at the press of a button.priceless.


I use Alfred to monitor the furnace when we are gone.


My 2 year old was suppose to be taking a nap. I can went to the bathroom he crawled out of his crib, made it down the stairs & unlocked my front door & thought he would go have an adventure outdoors! Now, I have an old camera phone at each doorway so no matter where I am I can always be alerted by the motion sensor! I even like to talk thru it when he gets close to a door, he gets all jumpy & runs away to look for me.


I use Alfred to see who’s at the door. It’s like what Alfred would have done. Only that he doesn’t have to wear a suit.


I use Alfred at the hotel to protect my ride & backside and hopefully survive.


I use Alfred to keep an eye on my apartment, my cat, and the local apartment ghost!


I use Alfred as peephole viewer. Night vision not great, but overall good app.


Alfred makes me feel so secure knowing that I get an alert if anyone tampers with my stuff so I can call police when away to let them know.


Alfred is my silent partner! He sits in the background quietly and no one ever knows who the silent partner is … but he’s always watching to make sure things are done properly and protecting his investments…( in everything we do!)


I use Alfred to watch my room while I am not there.

Sadly, it seems that I can’t even trust family to stay out of my room. I’m glad that I always keep my old phones, when I finally have enough money for my own place I will have a phone for every room and be able to monitor all of my stuff.


I hope I get selected as one if the winners because I would love a test run of the premium version before I dedicate myself to it. There are several of these apps and this is only the 2nd that I have tried.


:house_with_garden: Alfred in my garage…that extra, easy to access, piece of mind knowing that I DID INDEED close my garage door when I left! :blush:


We use our alfred to catch predators from getting to our flock of birds. Also to catch egg robbers and everything else from getting fo our property. Very very wonderful app!


I got four kids and Alfred helps me catch every moment of their mischief should have seen the look on their face when they asked me how I knew and I told them I had eyes in the back of my head they freaked out


I use ‘Alfred The Great’ to check out the birds … in my garden!


I use Alfred to secure my space in the world.