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I’m curious at what happened to the police department that shot your dog to death…I’m a avid dog lover and I would probably be in jail right now myself cause I don’t think I could have remained cool calm and collect because my little dog is my life and if someone tried to hurt her or killed her I believe I would kill them you don’t mess with my heart like that so please keep me informed on what happened
thank a bunch

I use Uncle “Alfred” to keep an eye on my Rabbit Rescue.

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Would love to see how it looks like!



Find us on Facebook “Tippe Warren-recycled bunny project”


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Używam Alfred do wixowania się w domu i poza nim


Why haven’t I thought of this yet? I’m going to find out which one of my four is pooping on the bathroom floor!


Idk it’s pretty boring or embarrassing. This one day I lost my keys & there was like 12 motion detections of me entering my room & like 16 leaving my room, still no keys. They were in the TV room where there is no camera.


@lonely.grrrly.7 normally I would think you were being a bit conceded but, after further review, you DO seem pretty awesome and that IS all that matters! Free to carry on with your bad self…:wink::grin:

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I use Alfred to scare the shit out of my kids they call me mom the all knowing they still haven’t figured it out lol


Like it works great for what I need

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I think I have been stupid for even thinking that she would cheat on me because she is so happy with me and I know she loves me so I can’t tell you how I feel about this camera its been a horrible experience since I started the alfred camera it’s just nothing was ever happening so it was staged in my videos I just want to say that I will never get a camera like this because it was Hell for me and her
show me something real that she’s been doing not fake

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Am I reading and understanding this correctly? It sounds like you are insinuating the Alfred Camera is making false (fake) video clips to give to you?! That is absolutley absurd. IF there was any fakery in the clips you have, i can assure you it is done by the party(ies) that you have on the video clips.
I sure would like to see some of these “faked” videos to see what it is you are trying to refer to. If that is okay, please send to my email:

I see dogs in my videos I see shadows and even added voices

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To make clear, are you saying these shadows and voices… maybe even the dogs are… apparitions?! Just the way it is worded after the dogs intro.


I know what you mean



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wanna watch u being an itiot… Lol


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