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I used Alfred to catch a thief stealing from me when I went and took a shower she claimed to want to be my girlfriend but not so much


So true:wink: I love Alfred Cameras.


they are helpful and let you know whats going on when your not home


I use Alfred to read the follow the moons guidance and watch the Men in Trees.


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That’s cute you have to do what you gotta do


I use Alfred to help secure a business and my home. Alfred caught the Vallejo Police Department shooting my dog to death after coaxing her out of my R V last Christmas Day. Investigators determined they had no reason or cause to even be on the property. Thank you Alfred.


If she was your gf she would be in the shower with you


I like this post.
Very unique.
Where are these nightclub videos or pics tho?
Send em’ my way please.


لماذا لا تصنع الشركه كاميرات خاصه بالمنتج تجت الطلب
لمراسلتي للفكرة كامله


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Hey chasidy,
I just wanted to know if you caught him or not… Give up date… Sounds juicy so plz do.much respect for you…thx


bin bis jetzt zufrieden…


I installed Alfred on a tablet and it work good for two nights. And then the tablet goes black and I have not been able to recover it. I have reached out to get support and have been given instructions my problem is I cannot see anything on my tablet to do the instructions. The camera was still active as I would get alerts on my phone and I could see myself as I am sitting. But I cannot access my tablet at all. I have disconnected the camera from the Alfred system and that did not resolve the problem now I am stuck with a useless tablet. If anyone has any help, I’m welcome to suggestions. And yes I have already tried resetting the tablet hard reboot reset button everything possible I have tried. It is an RCA tablet with a detachable keyboard even the keyboard does not respond. Someone please help


@b6849331a10c8fa57ec2 hi Valerie. The default operation in this scenario would be to press and hold the power button in for about 30 seconds to a minute which should force a system reboot.
Also if you have enabled power saving mode in Alfred the screen will appear black when you turn the device on and you need to swipe across the screen to bring it to life. Please keep us updated.


I too have a caregiver. But she not on my camera yet. . How does that work can you have 2 viewer on your camera. Because I want to put my caregiver on it and I’m also have work I view my house when I leave it when I go with her and I’m trying to put her on it so she can view me when I’m home that we leave I have the viewer on my phone so I can keep an eye on my house I myself I live in a senior place but since I’ve lived here I’ve had nothing but problems that’s one reason I put the camera up because I had people robbing me. But since l have put it up now. I been not having any problems… Thank God. Sometimes. You have to take the law into your owe hands and protect yourself. @ times. And this little service you Have put out is Beautiful and l have told others about your Service. Thank you piercebev


I use Alferd Security to keep an eye on my room…
I have 2 roommates and I use this to make sure my belongings don’t get stolen and I also use this App to keep an eye on my dog she hates to be left alone but sometimes I have to leave her home so I watch her to see what she does and I also talk to her threw the mic.
Thank You Alfred Home Security
you make me feel much safer now