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We are sorry to hear about the accident. Our prayers are with him, too.

This story also teaches us how important it is to keep an eye on our personal belongings. Especially, when it comes to a lawsuit, a piece of evidence becomes crucial.



Seems like you’re using Alfred as a smart doorbell. That’s cool!



That’s sweet :baby::baby:



Alfred helps you look after your assets like you are there in person!



Hey Filipe,

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They look so cute! :hatching_chick:



Wow, it’s the first time we hear people use Alfred to watch the blind spots of a truck. Would you like to tell us a bit more about it?





I use Alfred to talk to my dog to reinforce to her that I am the all seeing almighty and powerful who must be obeyed so get off the damn table!


I use my alfred app for security of my home and it helps my pregnant fiance sleep at night while i work my 3rd shift.


I use Alfred as a security camera


I use Alfred to record any movement around my house and notify me when anyone pulls into my driveway!


I use Alfred to keep an eye on my cats, and to know when I have to turn on the robot vacuum to keep my crazy cat from “attacking” the sane one.


I use Alfred cause its cheap and very simple to use!


I love Alfred. I can interact, watch, and record my place in safety. Awesome tool. Can’t wait for premium.


Well, there’s actually no man in my life that’s why Alfred is a dream. He’s the man of the house! :wink:


Hahaha! Yeah… I’ve proven that daily reminders work a little better :joy: some may call it nagging maybe. But if it gets things done, then so be it. :wink:


Want to watch me? I’m bored :sleeping:. What are you doing anyway? Who are you?


Just chilling ,tried out Alfred and it’s really goid