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We know each other. U from MN. Or az ?

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We know each other. U from MN. Or a

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From Iowa corn fed corn bread through and through

Haha, tell me about it. A handy little tool tho

I use Afred for everything! I just upgraded & love love love this App! I’m telling everyone I know about Alfred!

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You use Alfred for everything ? You really mean everything ? That would be interesting to see.

Me sirve para todo es muy buena nada q decir

I like that… what do you spy on?

rfranks83, post:270,

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not trying to be racist and say only Indians do this. Just thought it was a funny meme. Lol. Grate app thank u for it. Really wish I wouldn’t have gotten rid of so many old phone I had lol

not trying to be racist and say Indians are the only ones that do this. Just thought it was a funny meme. Thank you for the app love it. Just wish I would have thrown away so many old phones in the past lol

I use more than one Alfred.
I used my 1st old phone to “spy” on my dogs to find out how they keep getting out. A 2nd old phone for “security” on my house & property when i go on extended trips. And interestingly enough i use a 3rd old phones camera to video and catch certain “strange” things that go on in my house like, the Orbs, object that move on there own, ghosts, etc. and a 4th phone to “see” whos knocking at my front door. All a must for my life. And all free! A deserving “5 star” rating in my book.

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Uso Alfred para la seguridad de mi hogar.

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Protection for my family

Don’t be misled by the advertising, only you protect your family, you might use Alfred to assist you but Alfred alone affords you no protection but is merely a tool in your arsenal that you choose to utilise.

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I use Alfred to waste my time since it never works!!!


I use alfred to catch the thief in my home.