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I like that… what do you spy on?

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not trying to be racist and say only Indians do this. Just thought it was a funny meme. Lol. Grate app thank u for it. Really wish I wouldn’t have gotten rid of so many old phone I had lol

not trying to be racist and say Indians are the only ones that do this. Just thought it was a funny meme. Thank you for the app love it. Just wish I would have thrown away so many old phones in the past lol

I use more than one Alfred.
I used my 1st old phone to “spy” on my dogs to find out how they keep getting out. A 2nd old phone for “security” on my house & property when i go on extended trips. And interestingly enough i use a 3rd old phones camera to video and catch certain “strange” things that go on in my house like, the Orbs, object that move on there own, ghosts, etc. and a 4th phone to “see” whos knocking at my front door. All a must for my life. And all free! A deserving “5 star” rating in my book.

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Uso Alfred para la seguridad de mi hogar.

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Protection for my family

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Don’t be misled by the advertising, only you protect your family, you might use Alfred to assist you but Alfred alone affords you no protection but is merely a tool in your arsenal that you choose to utilise.

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I use Alfred to waste my time since it never works!!!


I use alfred to catch the thief in my home.

í çañt seé anythiñg if there is àny


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:guardsman: i use alfred as my spy camera.



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LOLOL! That’s some funny s…t! Been there, done that. I must’ve had the cleanest heater vents in the county.

hey sexy how are you doing

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hmu id love to watch u be an idjot :wink: