Must-have Home Security App to Protect the Family



Alfred Camera is one of the most popular home security apps. It allows you to re-use your old smartphones for home security purposes with ZERO cost. If you are worried that your house might be broken into or your kids or pets might get hurt in an accident while you are away and you happen to have a few old smartphones stacked in your drawer, this is the kind of home security app you’ll regret missing out.

What you can do with Alfred

  • Turn your old smartphones into wireless security cameras

  • View streaming and record videos.

  • Notify you of any movement captured on the screen

  • Enable/disable the cameras remotely

  • Set multiple cameras on one account

  • Talk to the babies/pets through the two-way talk

  • Switch to night vision mode to adapt to poor lighting

  • Build a trust circle to invite others to join the surveillance tasks


:star: Cost-effective. The average cost for setting up a new in-home security system can range from $300 to more than $1200. Alfred is a much more affordable option. You invest nothing more than your old smartphones and networking in your own peace of mind.

:star: Easy setup. It’s very easy to set up. Just with a few finger swipes, you can start to take control of your own security system within 30 minutes.

:star: Portable. Thanks to the wireless technology, you can have your security cameras all set without drilling a single hole in the wall. They can also be taken along with you from place to place, which comes in extremely handy for frequent movers.

:star: Good reviews. Endorsed by 10 million families, Alfred is one of the most downloaded home security apps on both Google and Apple app store. It currently has 4.5 out of 5 stars for Google and 4.7 for Apple.


:zap: Do it yourself. Alfred is a DIY home security solution, which means no one is there monitoring your properties 24/7. Everything is in your hands instead. But it also means you can take control of your safety and be free from the contracts and the extremely high monthly fees.

:zap: Strive against aging. Old phones that have been used for years might have difficulty completing the surveillance tasks. If you find Alfred draining the battery of the device too fast, please follow these tips to revive your devices.

How to fix the security cameras?

Be creative! There are tons of interesting ways to fix your security cameras to keep everything safe and secure. A security camera is better to be held on a holder where you can charge it or take it off easily. Look at these creative tricks shared by the superheroes!

A holder can be everything, such as a mug, a pair of sunglasses, several clips… Check out these amazing video to get more ideas!

Alfred is versatile!

Home Security Camera

Alfred Camera is one of the simplest but also the most powerful home security app. With the help of motion detection, an instant notification will be sent to you at the first moment Alfred picks up any movement, and the event will soon be recorded and stored in the cloud. This helps you provide the evidence to the police to track down the criminal. Alfred once helped a business traveler identify the thief only 11 hours after installed. Also, you can use the two-way talk to deter the intruders.

Baby/Pet Monitor

Your old smartphones can also serve as monitors for worried owners and parents. You can simply comfort your pet/baby and ease their anxiety by chatting with them via the two-way talk. Night vision is also supported to give you a clear vision in the dark. An Alfred user found out her 5-year-old Labrador was always looking out the window and waiting for her one hour before she comes home through the eye of Alfred.

Nanny Cam for Elderly

You might not know home security apps can also be applied on caregiving. As our aging generation keeps pushing up the demand for care, the burden on caregivers’ shoulders gets heavier and heavier. Alfred lends caregivers an extra eye to keep track of their patients when they leave their side temporarily. A caregiver can also build a trust circle with the family. That way, they can also set their mind at ease.

More creative ideas for repurposing your smartphones here!

Although Alfred is an economical option, you’re not sacrificing quality or labor. Alfred is a thoughtfully developed app which allows you to put your mind at ease. Rest assured, most phones run perfectly while monitoring and the quality is professional grade. Alfred wants your money goes where it’s best spent. By introducing Alfred into your home, you no longer have to let fear control you.

Build your FREE home security system by downloading Alfred:

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Alfred says "One More Step!" What's next?
Alfred says "One More Step!" What's next?
Alfred says "One More Step!" What's next?
Alfred says "One More Step!" What's next?
Alfred says "One More Step!" What's next?
Alfred says "One More Step!" What's next?
Alfred says "One More Step!" What's next?
Alfred says "One More Step!" What's next?
Alfred says "One More Step!" What's next?

How do u down load another phone if it’s not working


Just check to see if your email Adresses are matching.


This application is the best for me.


when it comes to getting your phone to work, you have to have a Wi-Fi network set up on the phone without it you can’t use it. It’s best that you have a Wi-Fi network setup and then you go to Google Play store download the app on the phone and then set it up as a camera you can set up a lot of cameras on this


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Wifi still works on them. Download over your wifi.


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Welcome to Alfred Center!

Alfred requires at least TWO devices, one set as Camera and the other Viewer. You have to log in on both devices with the SAME Gmail account. Please watch a short tutorial and let us know if you have more questions:


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