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Motion Detection is not working. It seems to work whenever I am connected to the same network. But as soon as I leave I check in on my motion events, with nothing recorded. I know my roommate is home, and has walked past the camera multiple times. As it is in a general location with good lighting. But it’s not recording anything. Version info is on the Screenshot above running on a Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge on Android Marshmallow 6.0.1. The device is fully charged and always plugged in, on a strong 5.0 Wi-Fi home network via AT&T Uverse


Hey @palmerk0802,

Thanks for reaching out!

Could you try one thing for me? If you unplug your Camera device from the power source, does it send you a battery notification?

Also, I know you have been using Alfred FOREVER, but please double-check to see you didn’t accidentally turn Motion Detection off somewhere.

Let me know how the unplugging experiment works out!


Another solution that worked for me when my motion detection wasn’t working was to mess with the sensitivity settings.


Hey @ben.bensballoons,

Thanks for pitching in!

By not working, do you mean it wasn’t sending notifications? Was the Camera connected? Does this happen often? If you let me know next time it does, I can look into it and help you figure out why!

I hope Alfred is working well for you otherwise!


Ironically a fuse blew just yesterday and it did indeed send me a notification instantly. Motion detection is enabled on both ends. I both logged out and closed the app. Logged back in, and the issue persists.


Hey @palmerk0802,

OK this is getting really really strange. We checked the logs and it seems like the notifications have been sent and received as they should for your account. Is there a particular device from which you can’t seem to receive Motion notifications?


I have also noticed that my camera does not always pick up on motion in the room. I was just home for lunch and on my way out it didn’t see or record me walking into the room, pausing to put on my coat, and then leaving. I also know that my dog came into the living room shortly after with an applesauce cup that I left out (oops), because I can see the cup sitting in the middle of the floor, but there is no video of this happening. I have the sensitivity turned to “high.” Is there something else I could be doing wrong?


Hey @lucindalynne,

Thanks for reaching out!

Could you make sure your notifications are properly set up and your Motion Detection Reminder is turned OFF and try again?

Please let me know how it works out!


It does seem to be slightly more sensitive with the reminder turned off. Why would that be?


Hey @lucindalynne,

Thanks for letting me know!

From your description, my guess was that the Reminder didn’t pop up soon enough, or maybe it didn’t pop up at all when you left the house. If your Reminder was on, your Motion Detection might have been switched off when you were at home. However, it didn’t remind you to turn Motion Detection back on when you left, which is why you found an empty applesauce cup but no footage of how that happened!

I hope this offers some kind of explanation. Now that you know how Reminder is supposed to work, you can switch it back on and check if you receive notifications properly as you leave/enter the house.


I’m currently outside in my car and the camera is running. Again my roommate is home. I noticed in the preview screen I see he’s standing right in front of the camera. Walks away and no notification or motion event. I’ve tried with other devices(Apple iPhone 6 running IOS 10.2 and has the most recent update. I uninstalled and reinstalled Alfred on all devices. Still the same issue. As soon as I get home and I walk in front of the camera I get a notification and motion event. I tested this theory and walked in front of it again. Another motion event and notification. So for whatever reason when it’s only not functioning properly when I am not near the camera device. I should note that I am using a Galaxy S7 edge as my viewer device and as my Camera device. (I have two S7 edge devices). Could this be the issue. Because I’ve noticed if I set up both S7 phones as cameras and I try to view them from my iPhone 6 only 1 of 2 S7 show up until I change the name of one of them. Maybe this is what’s confusing Alfred. @sunny


Hey @palmerk0802,

Thanks for the extra info!

We are beginning to think you have been affected by a bug in the current version of Alfred you are running. Would you like to see if you can update to 1266? That should get your notifications back on track.

Please keep me posted!


I have continue with active motiondedection alarm at light changes.
Is there a solution?


Hi @dck0004,

Thank you for reaching out!

Would it be possible for you to try a different setup or/and sensitivity level? If you move Alfred to a location where there isn’t strong sunlight for example, it’d really help!

For additional info, please read a little about how Alfred’s Motion Detection works:

You can always show me a couple of links to these Events so I can give you more specific advice!