Motion Detection Triggers: Flashlight / Siren

Hey everyone!

Imagine for a second that your camera is placed in a hallway as an example,
your motion detection could be on and at night with night vision on and now - a feature
which will let you do the following:

[-]When motion is detected, device activates:
-Recording (Already implemented)
-Flashlight for X amount of seconds (option for flashlight to do an impulse pattern as an emergency/warning?)
-A default / custom siren to ward off possible intruders which can be activated after X amount of seconds

The options above could be available in the settings tab to be either ON or OFF and any other
settings such as how long the flashlight should be activated.


Hey @mariuszskiera!

Thank you so much for reaching out and giving us your invaluable input!

We discussed your ideas and we have great news for you: we are putting a pin on the siren idea! We don’t think it’ll be hard to implement. It’s just that we have to consider whether it will interfere with the recording, since Alfred is an app and we are limited by the hardware.

Again, thank you for your input! Please continue to support Alfred and stay tuned!


That’s great! Thank you for discussing my ideas :slight_smile:


He puesto en mi smartphone un circuito que al activar el flash enciende un foco de 220VA.
Para eso fue necesario un relay, un LDR, un optoacoplador, una fuente de 12VDC, y una resistencia de 470 ohms.
Se enfrenta el LDR al Flash de la cámara y al encederse, activa el relay que enciende el foco de 220VA.


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Hey @ing.tec.malvarez,

Thank you so much for sharing! Could you share a photo with us so we can see how this works? We’re super curious!

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Yes, I think a siren option (can also connect through ext. or Bluetooth speaker?) will move Alfred to the top security/ cam app ever. Thanks


Yes of course! Here’s you have a photo.
The cellphone is Inside the box with the lamp control circuit connected to camera flash.



Favor de realizar como modificación en la app la posibilidad de mantener encendido el flashlight, aun al salir de la cámara, ya que al salir de la cámara el flash se apaga.

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Replying back to this topic.

I hooked a small bluetooth speaker to one of my phone/ camera and it work perfectly! I can speak though the mic and comes out through the speaker (loud!!), which I hid above the kitchen cabinet.

I have 5 more cheap bluetooth speakers that I will hook up to rest of my cameras.

All we need now is a siren option on Alfred!


Hey @KinK,

Thanks for sharing! So glad you upgraded your Alfred!

We will continue to look into the possibility of implementing a siren feature!


We need a way to enable the phones camera when it detects motion. Also a way for the app to record videos on sd card in loop in case it is disconnected from the internet.


That looks like an awesome setup is it possible to share with us what we would need for that cool setup…

@payforprotection this is kind of similar.Phone positioning

Please “put a pin” in the “motion activated flashlight” idea! I’m a firm believer that an ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure, and having an intruder suddenly bathed in light would certainly be as powerful a deterrent as seeing an enabled and recording camera to avert bad behavior!


Good luck getting a response from the Devs. In the meantime you could try a PIR light to support your Alfred camera device. These can be found for a few bucks and there are battery operated ones also. They also help Alfred with his lack of night vision. Alternative you could buy a PIR motion sensor light with a built in camera for about ÂŁ30. Much cheaper than a old phone and you get full HD with no ads and no worries about when your OS will be obsolete.

I think that activating the flashlight when motion detection is triggered is a wonderful and useful ideas! please evaluate it. It would be like having a phototrap in normal photografy context, for taking a picture of night animals or for intrusion detection at night.

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