Motion detection to activate smart bulbs


We had an incident the other night when an intruder tried to gain access to our house. He activated one of the cameras while using the light on his phone to survey one of our windows. The footage wasn’t great due to the lack of light. We have since now added PIR lights around the outside of our home.
There are cameras watching all entry points and we have wifi enabled smart bulbs in those areas too.

Can it be possible for the Alfred app to trigger these bulbs and light up the whole area?



Thanks for making a wish here at Alfred Center!

That sounds like an integration with other smart home products. It’s something we are looking into. Could you please share with us which smart bulbs you are using?

Keep us posted!



another improvement would be to automatically switch on the phone’s flashlight when the motion detector is triggered (and the low-light filter activated).



I use Hue lights and bridge. I also use the SmartThings hub and sensors.