Motion detection shuts off after a while


Everything seemed to work fine until I upgraded or tried once to use the schedule motion detection, or possibly if I change the notifications from off to on or vice versa after resetting eberything. It did seem to work before I paid for the app. I’ve stopped using the schedule motion detection, and would be fine with it constantly getting motiokn detection, but even after I restart the ipad and set the camera up again and turn on motion detection it only seems to work for about 2 hours. It never records again unless I restart again. When I try to use the android app to turn motion detection back on because I notice it not working, after I turn it on, I exit the app and when I come back, motion detection is turned back off. I can only turn on motion detection with the app from the moments screen. If I use the wheel on the preview box, the one that gives more options like scheduling, if I try to turn motion detection back on from there it says, “Failed to apply the new camera setting. Please try again. (1017)” When I do try again, I get the dame message again.

Which device has the problem? Viewer or Camera
Device Model Name: Camera is Ipad, viewer is android or web, problem occurs no matter which viewer
OS Version: ios 9.3.5
AppVersion: just downloaded 2 weeks ago

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We’re sorry for what you have experienced. Please ensure you have enabled Guided Access by following the instructions of this post prevent disconnections caused by app crash.

Let us know if the issue still persists after you set up Guided Access.


I finally got guided access to work and it seems to be helping a lot. Thanks. But, now after it had been working, I had some connection issues earlier today, which seemed to resolve itself. But… the motion detection seems to have turned itself off again. And I still have the problem when I try to turn it on from the viewer it shuts it back off right away. Every time I go back into that menu it’s in the off position.


Hi Edward,

Thanks for reporting the issue! It’s a known glitch in our current versions. Our engineering team is working on fixing it right now.

Usually, the status is temporary. If you leave the settings page and enter it again, you should be able to control the buttons.

We are sorry for the inconvenience. Please stay tuned to our future updates and let us know if you have any other feedback/question!