Motion detection sensitivity TOO sensitive

Motion detection set to low sensitivity and still getting recordings seconds apart when I see nothing moving.

Please fix the low setting so it only picks up people or animals! I should not be getting notifications every 2 minutes (40+ every day) of video clips that I can’t even detect any motion in after reviewing the videos.



Thank you for reporting the issue!

Alfred’s Motion Detection algorithm decides if there has been “movement” by comparing one frame with the next. As a result, light/shadow changes could indeed trigger recording.

Could you please send us a link to a Motion Event or even a photo of what you see on the Viewer? That way, we can give you more specific advice.

Motion detection at the lowest sensitivity is also too sensitive. Please see attachment of video grab where tree branches moving is capturing every minute.

Your upload is not letting me send you video of motion detection capture

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@vijay.balantrapu please be patient as Alfred has promised to initiate it’s Human identification and detection algorithm in the near future,. This should help with your dilemma.

Trees will set off alfred, Smart detection is not available yet… Try to have the object area being caught on camera, to be a still movement area. Alfred usually pics up shade changes too. Motion is working fine as far as a free product can go.

Confermo. Anche piccole variazioni della luminosità del sole, vengono ripetutamente notificate.

I have this problem all the time. Even on “low” sensitivity, I get false positives for movement.

Can you please fix the app so it has sensitivity settings at least two notches LOWER than “low” ?



Would you be able to send us a link to a Motion Event or even a photo of what you see on the Viewer? That way, we can give you more specific advice.

Keep us posted!

There is no real motion in this video:

The camera is on low sensitivity.

I get these false positives so often, it really makes the motion detect feature of the software useless.

Do you have any real short term plans to fix this issue?

Please let us know.


Hey Chris,

It seems that the light changes had triggered the Motion Detection.

Please kindly report the videos to our engineers so that they can improve the algorithm accordingly. To do so, please enter the Event > Report a Recording Issue

In the meantime, we suggest you move the Camera to a different angle or try a different setup to see if things get better.

Let me know if you need further assistance!