Motion detection reminder


It would be really helpful if you’d provide the following information so our engineer colleagues can identify and solve your problem sooner.

Which device has the problem? Viewer or Camera
Device Model Name:
Sony XZ1 compact
OS Version: Android 8.0
AppVersion: 1908

Suddenly motion detection reminder stopped working. It only works sometimes, when I go in the app manually and wait. I have tried disabling and enabling it, to no avail.

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Camera is Samsung (S5)viewer S9+…I have free version should motion detection & notification work for my setup?


Hi @alfredhemma,

Welcome to Alfred Center!

Since your viewer phone is android 8.0, OS higher than 8.0 cannot receive remind notification when the app is not working in the background. Please lock Alfred in the background by steps below to see if the problem persists:

  1. Launch Alfred, enter the background page
  2. Press and pull the Alfred image down, then you can see the Lock icon appear on the upper right corner (Tutorial:
  3. Disable battery optimization for Alfred in your system setting so that your phone won’t stop Alfred from running in the background. (Tutorial:

Hi @tntower67,

Motion Detection and Motion Detection Reminder are both Free features, you can find them in your Camera setting. Please read more about them here:

Hope it helps!



Unfortunately step 2 don’t work for me, these options don’t exist.

Step 3 is done now, but it didn’t help, no more reminders…

Whats strange is that motion detection notification works, only not reminders.



Thanks for trying those steps for us!

We noticed that some of your Cameras are not updated to the latest version yet. Alfred runs best when all devices run the same version. Please click the button below to visit Alfred’s Google Play page and update Alfred on your Camera phones:

Also, if the Motion Detection Reminder issue still persists after the update, please let us know. Thanks for the help!


Hi Ricardo,

Okey, so I have upgraded to the latest version but still no motion detection reminders… even when disabling wifi and going manually in the app, no notification is shown as it did before.



We are sorry that the issue persists. Some users have reported that reinstalling might help. Would you like to try that for us?

Let us know if it helps!


Could it be because I’m running beta version o the viewer phone?


Okey, so I have u installed the beta and installed the latest (the same version on all) on the viewer phone, and still it doesn’t work. Only motion detection notifications are sent, but no reminders…why? It have worked before.


Hi @alfredhemma,

We took a quick look at your connection logs, it seems that your Camera gets disconnected very often every hour. You can run a Camera Health Check to see if the power supply/connection can be improved. Your Motion Detection Reminder might not works due to bad connections.

Could you please try to connect your Camera to a more stable network?

What’s more, since this could have been a Google account issue, you can also try to log in with a different Gmail and see if the situation gets better.

Please keep us posted!


It suddenly started to work, only when not pressing two times the back button on the phone (when alfred says press once more to leave the app)


Now it stopped workihng again… Your product is really unreliable!
It worked all day yesterday, but since the evening and now in the morning it doesn’t work. I’m trying to disable and enable my wifi, even rebooted the viewer phone. Nothing. Also, the status for my camera phones reports green dots since yesterday around 1pm (I rebooted the router), so the wifi connection is stable and good so that cannot be the reason why it suddenly stopped working again…

I have even bought your premium package yesterday, feels like it stopped working again after that. Also, I cannot see any improved video quality (HD) at all.

You have to fix this, or you’ll have to give me a refund


How should we solve the reminder notifications?



Our engineering team is investigating this issue. We will let you know as soon as we find out anything. Also, please note that Motion Detection Reminder does not work when you are using Alfred on your Viewer phone. In the meantime, it has to be running in the background on Android 8.0. You can try to switch one of your Android 7.0 phones to Viewer and see if you can receive Motion Detection Reminder on that one.

Before we fix this, please try our brand new feature, Motion Detection Schedule. With Motion Detection Schedule, you can now establish the routine for Motion Detection with a simple set, and it will work automatically. Go to the office and let Alfred look after your house at daytime, or monitor your own store every night and weekend to prevent theft. You don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn Motion Detection on anymore.

Isn’t that convenient? Try it out now!

Keep us posted!



Yesterday I got like three reminders randomly, but 90% of the time not working.
I have been leaving Alfred on in the background yes.

Scheduled motion detection is good, but not what I need.


im not sure i know what to do here


Hello again,

Whats happening? I have even payed for this software and of course it has to work as expected…

The last couple of days, only one of my cameras are mentioned in the reminders (when it works…). Why is it this unreliable, and why have it started to forget my other cameras? (every camera have reminder enabled)


Hello? I’m still waiting…

EDIT: oh sorry, right now I just saw that it works!? Okey, let’s see for how long…

EDIT2: and now it stopped, or more precisely two cameras stopped again being mentioned in the reminder! Why?
Both are working right now…


@alfredhemma welcome to the world of Alfred. I have also found notifications to be random but then I’m using the free version. I don’t rely on notifications so it’s not an issue for me but I feel your frustration.


Don’t rely on reminders, Just cut it on right before u leave your place to turn on the motion detection then when u get back cut it off or use the motion detection schedule for awhile…
It seems as if it’s something to do on your end on your main phone your using as the viewer, that don’t sound like it the app’s fault, I think it’s either user fault or phone fault man… just so u know I’ve been using Alfred for almost a year now & I haven’t had a problem out anything at all, every single thing works just fine & dandy… Hope u figure it out tho, like I say it’s something to do on your end of the line not Alfred’s end…