Motion detection reminder


It suddenly started to work, only when not pressing two times the back button on the phone (when alfred says press once more to leave the app)


Now it stopped workihng again… Your product is really unreliable!
It worked all day yesterday, but since the evening and now in the morning it doesn’t work. I’m trying to disable and enable my wifi, even rebooted the viewer phone. Nothing. Also, the status for my camera phones reports green dots since yesterday around 1pm (I rebooted the router), so the wifi connection is stable and good so that cannot be the reason why it suddenly stopped working again…

I have even bought your premium package yesterday, feels like it stopped working again after that. Also, I cannot see any improved video quality (HD) at all.

You have to fix this, or you’ll have to give me a refund


How should we solve the reminder notifications?



Our engineering team is investigating this issue. We will let you know as soon as we find out anything. Also, please note that Motion Detection Reminder does not work when you are using Alfred on your Viewer phone. In the meantime, it has to be running in the background on Android 8.0. You can try to switch one of your Android 7.0 phones to Viewer and see if you can receive Motion Detection Reminder on that one.

Before we fix this, please try our brand new feature, Motion Detection Schedule. With Motion Detection Schedule, you can now establish the routine for Motion Detection with a simple set, and it will work automatically. Go to the office and let Alfred look after your house at daytime, or monitor your own store every night and weekend to prevent theft. You don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn Motion Detection on anymore.

Isn’t that convenient? Try it out now!

Keep us posted!



Yesterday I got like three reminders randomly, but 90% of the time not working.
I have been leaving Alfred on in the background yes.

Scheduled motion detection is good, but not what I need.


im not sure i know what to do here


Hello again,

Whats happening? I have even payed for this software and of course it has to work as expected…

The last couple of days, only one of my cameras are mentioned in the reminders (when it works…). Why is it this unreliable, and why have it started to forget my other cameras? (every camera have reminder enabled)


Hello? I’m still waiting…

EDIT: oh sorry, right now I just saw that it works!? Okey, let’s see for how long…

EDIT2: and now it stopped, or more precisely two cameras stopped again being mentioned in the reminder! Why?
Both are working right now…


@alfredhemma welcome to the world of Alfred. I have also found notifications to be random but then I’m using the free version. I don’t rely on notifications so it’s not an issue for me but I feel your frustration.


Don’t rely on reminders, Just cut it on right before u leave your place to turn on the motion detection then when u get back cut it off or use the motion detection schedule for awhile…
It seems as if it’s something to do on your end on your main phone your using as the viewer, that don’t sound like it the app’s fault, I think it’s either user fault or phone fault man… just so u know I’ve been using Alfred for almost a year now & I haven’t had a problem out anything at all, every single thing works just fine & dandy… Hope u figure it out tho, like I say it’s something to do on your end of the line not Alfred’s end…


Im pretty sure it’s the app, I have other apps sending me notifications all the time.

If there were a button or widget for turning it on in 3 or more cameras in one go, I would have. But there isn’t.


Hi @alfredhemma,

We are really sorry for what you have experienced. Even after trying to fix the issues, there are still some reasons which would cause the Motion Detection Reminder to malfunction, including unstable internet, network settings, system firmware, device models and temporary glitches. This is why we develop Motion Detection Schedule, which is a more stable way to set up the routine for Motion Detection.

Apart from this, we understand that you want to enable/disable Motion Detection on all your devices by once. Do you know that you can ask your Google Assistant to do that? Please check out the instructions here to set up the device.

We will also look into the possibility of adding a button on the app to enable/disable Motion Detection on all Cameras. Please stay tuned to future updates. You are welcome to share your thoughts about it with us at any time!


Sorry, but I’m really not satisfied with your answers.

First of, the devices and firmwares of the viewer phone and camera phones are not changed, they have worked (old phones) before but no are very unreliable. So it cannot be the firmware or devices, however it can be your app because you release new versions once in a while. Most probably there is the issue!

The internet connection is working perfectly at the site, and the app on the camera phones are reporting mostly green only in the status.

So, why does the camera phones only sometimes send notifications, and sometimes only some of them? How does this feature work? What is registering the cameras and sending the notification? There must be where the problem also is…

I know you have the scheduled motion detection, but thats a completely different function. I don 't need scheduled motion detection, as Im not leaving and coming home only one same time everyday.
I have looked into the motion detection schedule function too, and its poor, only offering all weekdays, or weekends or all days. A normal schedule should be much more customizable of course.

You have told people on the forum that a button or menu alternative to enable/diusable motion detection on all cameras simultanouesly is in the works for over a year now (as long as I have been using your app), and still, this basic and important feature isn’t yet implemented! I don’t get it, it should be a fairly easy thing to imnplement…

Finally, regarding Google Assistans, I know that too but if your going to offer this feature you should be offering it to more then only english speaking persons. Google Assistans + Alfred isn’t possible to enable on a viewer phone with another system language then Enlglish…! What did you think?

Also, if you cannot fix this shortly I want a refund for the app.


One week since I wrote my last post, and no answer or solution from you. Worst customer service ever.



We are sorry that the issue persists.

We do consider to add a shortcut of enabling/disabling Motion Detection on all Cameras, however, each of our versions includes a couple of new features, optimizations, and also some bugs to deal with. This is why we can’t give you the exact timeline.

As for the Motion Detection Reminder issue, since it is not a Premium feature, we can not offer a refund. Sorry for the inconvenience. But we will try to solve it for you. We took a look at your logs again and we found two things which might cause the feature to work abnormally.

  1. Your Camera gets disconnected very often recently which means the WiFi connection is very unstable. You can run a Camera Health Check to find out. Please make sure you connect to a more stable connection.

  2. Your Viewer phone is an Android 8.0 model, as we mentioned before, system firmware and device models have a big impact on this feature. For example, iPhone does not support this feature at all. We try our best to make this feature work on most device models if possible, however, there are still some limitations.

We understand that Motion Detection Schedule might not meet your needs. But it’s a more stable way to set up the routine for Motion Detection. We are planning on improving this feature to make it replace the Motion Detection Reminder. You are welcome to share your thoughts on how you’d like it to be changed!


Hello again,

Okey so yesterday I rebooted all cameras including the router, and since the cameras reports no wifi drops but still reminders not working again? So the issue cannot be that.
Also, I have been using the same camera devices and viewer phone a year now, with problems only lately (so the problems could be with new Alfred versions too).

I understand what your writing, however reminder and schedule are two different functions! Youre welcome improving the scheduling, but you should also improve the reminder. The reminders should better be based on location awareness, instead of wifi.

Scedule is a function used for recurring needs to motion detection, while reminders are for unexpected leaving the house. Asisaid, two different features for two different situations and needs.



Thanks for letting us know. We didn’t change any settings related to Motion Detection Reminder in recent updates, there could still be some glitches though. We have already informed our engineering team about this issue and ask them to fix it if they find any bug in this feature.

Before the issue is completely solved, we have a tip for you:

If you didn’t receive notification of Motion Detection Reminder when you switch the internet, you can enable the “Airplane mode” of your phone, disable it and connect to the internet again to see if you can receive the notification afterward.

We do consider using “locations” to activate the Motion Detection Reminder. However, some users think that giving access to their locations would be a violation to their privacy. Would you like to tell us what you think?

Hope it helps!


Unfortunately airplane mode didn’t help. The last couple of days notifications are completely gone. I have tried restartingg everything without luck.

Really,its obvious there is something wrong in the app. I would accept if you said I’d doesn’t work at all on a certain device or firmware because it’s unsupported, but I know that it can work evidently. So these so called glitches really are big bugs.

Location aware apps are nothing new, if someone don’t like it you could offer a on off, like send reminders based on WiFi or location. Easy.


I believe u just answered own question there… U got me thinking your using a 10or15 year old phone or tablet device & that’s probably why your service isn’t doing as it should is because of the devices’ insides, i.e. Processor & RAM & also could be another app on the subjected device causing it to interfere. That’s why on my end I disabled every app on it except for Alfred&Google. Well I guess just keep trying at it or get a different device for the camera. Good luck & Merry Christmas!


Sorry, didn’t understand you at all.