Motion Detection Reminder?


Hi Don,

Thanks for letting us know!

It seems that your Viewer phone doesn’t support this feature. However, your Motion Detection Reminder should still work if you don’t dismiss your app in the background.

Could you please do a simple experiment for us by the following steps to see if the option of Motion Detection Reminder function:

  1. Turn on motion detection and motion detection reminder for one camera on viewer phone (You can find those options from the setting icon on the upper left on the camera’s thumbnail from your viewer phone’s interface)
  2. Connect your camera and viewer phone to the same network connection.
  3. Turn off motion detection on the camera
  4. Connect your viewer phone to another network connection.
  5. Wait to see whether you receive notification that reminds you of turning on motion detection.
  6. Turn on motion detection on the camera.
  7. Connect your viewer phone to the same connection with your camera.
  8. Wait to see whether you will receive notification that reminds you of turning off motion detection.

Let us know if you can still get the notification when you are running Alfred on your Viewer.


Thanks, nothing would work, tried it all, then finally uninstalled and reinstalled. It seems to be working now.


I would Like to use Motion Detection Reminder! The Motion Detection Schedule is not useful for me as I work from home. My camera and viewer are iPhone. What can I do?


Hi Steven,

Thanks for the feedback!

Motion Detection Reminder is not available for iOS Viewer due to system limitations. Would you like to let us know why you want this feature? We will see what we can do to help!

Please keep us posted.


I would like to use the Motion Detection Reminder since I work from home. I can not use the Motion Detection Schedule because I have a schedule that varies. I like the idea that the Motion Detection Reminder tells me when to activate or deactivate it, considering that I never leave my home at the same time or return at the same time. I sometimes forget to activate it.


Hi Steven,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!

Due to iOS system limitation, we are not able to get the WiFi status on an iPhone Viewer. However, we will see if there is another way to develop Motion Detection Reminder on our iOS version. Please stay tuned to future updates!

By the way, do you know you can set up a reminder to notify you when you arrive home by the default Reminders app on your iPhone? Please check out how here:

  1. Open the Reminders app.
  2. Tap a reminder, then tap the Info icon to the right of your reminder.
  3. Turn on Remind me at a location, then tap Location.
  4. Search or enter the address where you want to be reminded. You can even use your current location.
  5. Choose whether you want a reminder when you leave or arrive at that location.

Hope this helps!


Hi Ricardo,

I’m having the same issue, and tried all options in this post and still not working. Note that it worked well before and stop working at some point. Reminder is enable, and I don’t have any reminder if I left and when I’m home in the same network, it notifies me for motion detector… which is me at home.

I have a LG5 with Android 8.0.0 and have a premium access.

Thank you


Hi Francois,

Have you tried Motion Detection Schedule? It is a more stable way to set up the routine for Motion Detection. Please check out how here: