Motion Detection Reminder?

What happened to motion detection reminder? I always need to be reminded to turn it on or else I won’t.

Which device has the problem? Both
Device Model Name: Moto G6
OS Version: Oreo
AppVersion: Latest

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You Can Schedule Motion Detection Now with Alfred Premium!

With Motion Detection Schedule, you can now establish the routine for Motion Detection with a simple set, and it will work automatically. Go to the office and let Alfred look after your house at daytime, or monitor your own store every night and weekend to prevent theft. You don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn Motion Detection on anymore.

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Can’t there be both? Scheduling doesn’t work for me, I don’t have a usual schedule that I follow.


Thanks for letting us know what you think!

Could you please tell us a bit more why you would want Motion Detection Reminder back? In what kind of situation do you need Motion Detection Reminder rather than Motion Detection Schedule?

Thanks for the help!

I leave the house several times a day. There’s not always a set time that I am going to be gone. Setting a schedule might work three days out of seven. The other days I am running here and there, and I will forget to turn on the motion detection sometimes if I am not reminded. At those times, Alfred is doing me no good at all. It used to remind me to turn it on when I left and to turn it off when I joined my wifi again, which was really helpful.

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I agree with above. Reminder worked better for me as well

Not sure if it will work for you… but I just open Alfred and tap the notification bell in the top right when home. I let it run and record in the background without bugging me about motion. Then I just delete all the events later. It is faster than going in to disable motion detection as well as turning it back on.

I also liked the feature in the free download ask when leaving network is the not that option in premium?

Not any more. They took it off I think.

Thanks for the suggestion, but no that won’t work for me.

Wont work for me work mostly from home and in & out all day

Hi same applies here. My schedule is not that regular that it fits the basic pattern provided now. I always loved the reminder. Working from different days of the week. Kids having a different school schedule every 3 months.

I appreciate that you put motion reminder back on the app, but it’s not working. I updated all of the apps and restarted the phones and I have it checked to remind me but it’s not doing so.

It works for me. I came back home and it asked me if I wanted to turn off Motion Detection. All are on the newest beta.

Well that’s weird. I wonder why mine isn’t working. Thanks for the reply.

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Try toggling the option for it to OFF and then back ON. You can then just disable wifi on your viewer phone to test it. Hope that fixes it.

Hi Don,

Thanks for reporting the issue!

Since your viewer phone is android 8.0, OS higher than 8.0 cannot receive remind notification when the app is not working in the background. Please lock Alfred in the background by steps below to see if the problem persists:

  1. Launch Alfred, enter the background page
  2. Press and pull the Alfred image down, then you can see the Lock icon appear on the upper right corner

Let us know if you need further assistance.

I don’t understand the instructions, sorry. What is the background page?

Hi Don,

Sorry for confusing you.

Here is an instruction on how to lock your app in the background on your Android device:

Please give it a try and let us know how it goes!

Thanks for the help but I have a moto G6 and apparently it doesn’t do that from what I have read online.