Motion detection on,s sensitivity to high, but not detecting



I motion notices and there is nothing going on and then I see there has been activity and received no notice and no video clip was recorded.

It would be really helpful if you’d provide the following information so our engineer colleagues can identify and solve your problem sooner.

Email used for Alfred login:
Which device has the problem? Viewer, I think.
Device Model Name: Samsung Galaxy S4
OS Version: Android 5.0.1
AppVersion: 3.7.50 build 1176

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Bonjours oui faudra régler le problème car aucune notification quand il y a une détection pourtant elles sont enregistrés merci


Hi @vasilovictim,

Thanks for joining us at Alfred Center!

The false alarm could be caused by your Camera device attempting to re-focus or light changing. Is your Motion Detection Reminder enabled? Is it possible that you accidentally turned Motion Detection off when the Reminder sent you a notification?

Please read more about Motion Detection here:

Hope this helps!


Hi @eric150920,

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You have to enable both Motion Detection AND notifications to be notified properly. Could you please check out this post and see if all the settings are correct?


It is not the notification settings or motion detection setting because I’ve tried multiple phones And made sure motion detection was on high and notification was on a handful of different occasions and phones but all the same result, I noticed only 1 certain huawei that it was not recoding, detecting, or notifying me of anything and sometimes the sound would not work when I check in on it manually also it would say camera had been disconnected but when I check it Alfred is running and logged in but still saying camera disconnected


Hi @elijahcoolman36,

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We need you to try a few things.

First of all, please clear data on your Camera end (go to Settings – Apps – Alfred).

Second of all, turn Motion Detection on, off, and back on again after you log in.

Last but not least, check if there is a red circle when the Camera end is recording a Motion Event:

Keep us posted!


Ive been having issues as well with motion detection. It works when it wants to. I went out and did jumping jacks 10 ft in front of the camera, nothing. But a leaf blowing in the wind will record a 15 sec video. My home was recently broken into, and i had no footage for the police, even though i was then subscribed to alfred premium. This problem started occurring 2 updates ago. It saddens me that this app was the best i had seen, and because of some technical glitch, i had to replace alfred with a cctv camera and a dvr with 24/7 recording. If you ever tedolve the issue, let me know. Its a pain to fast forward through days of video. Thanks.


Hi @thebigbadlane,

Thank you for reaching out.

First of all, I am so sorry to hear Alfred did not manage to capture any footage of the break-in for the police. Would you be able to give us a rough window of time so we can try to figure out what went wrong?

My initial hypothesis is because you have Motion Detection Reminder on, you might have switched Motion Detection off when you are home when you receive the notification. However, I am more than willing to look into it further for you in hopes of finding the real reason.

Again, my apologies. Hope to hear from you soon!



i am having the same problem.

I set an old mobile to monitore my dog in the kitchen. Ive been twice this morning in the kitchen and Alfred didnt record any of this events.
The Motion Detection is on.

Last week I was monitoring our Playground and Alfred also didnt record motions. The windows rolle blinds of the office next door open and close automatically. But this movement wasnt recorded. I can see in one video it open and in the next one closed.

I am looking forward to your support.



Hi @andrejablonski,

Thank you for reaching out!

Were you (or someone in your Trust Circle) watching live feed at the time? For the moment, Alfred’s Motion Detection doesn’t work when there is a live-viewing session going on.

Please make sure nobody is watching live feed and try again.

Let me know if this helps!



Thank you for the answer. No at the time the rolle blinds closed we weren’t watching the live feed.

we want to catch somebody who is trowing poisoned food (bread, etc) for dogs and cats in our playground. Unfortunately this person was again in the playground but Alfred didn’t recorded the movement.


Hi @andrejablonski,

Thanks for the reply.

Would you mind showing me a link to a Motion Event so I can get more clues and give you more specific advice? This can usually be improved by tweaking the setup.


i do not use reminders, i dont turn off my motion nor volume, i want all of my cameras that are mounted in my windows to constantly detect motion and record what is in the viewing range outside my home, the cameras record and alert when the wind blows a tiny leaf, but not when my home is being vandalized, its on high. moves when the sunlight moves or the screen but not the people that walk right in front of my house… and not to mention the 3 cameras NEVER run where i can watch a whole occurrence. what good is the app when it doesn’t record long enough to find out who is in my yard, that is if it records. most burglars walk up…not pull up in their highly detectable car, oh did i mention after a rash of car break-ins that urged me to get the Alfred app,of our veh was vandalized and my property was stoled out of my veh as well as 600 dollars worth of tools… and if it HAD recorded the picture will not even out . please help if even possible


PC or Laptop (Windows) USB cam as a security camera


Neither have android phones. Oh and tonight someone actually pulled up in my yard and got out of their car and walked around and it never went off . In fact my phone is a viewer and it doesn’t update period. I dont get motion events until end of the day or 24 hrs sometimes. How am I supposed to stop another theft?


Sorry. Neither of them are comp tablet. I have 3 galaxy devices and one LG as cameras.and galaxy s7 and LG as viewers

#17 sounds like you need a serious security solution, please read the link I suggest above. Galaxy phones still fetch a pretty penny on the second hand market. Hope you resolve your predicament.
Kind regards.



We are sorry for what you have experienced. We noticed that Alfred running on your Camera devices is relatively old version.

Please visit Alfred’s Google Play page and update Alfred to the latest version and see if the issue could be fixed:


I have this same issue. Motion detection on all my phone’s record a leaf in the wind, but not someone in my driveway, twenty feet from the camera.
I’ve tried all motion detection settings.
Please advise.



Regarding the issue, please follow the troubleshooting steps here to fix the problem:

Hope it helps!

p.s. If the issue persists, please send us some links to Motion Events of what you see on the Viewer. That way, we can give you more specific advice. In the meantime, experimenting with different setups could make a big difference.