Motion detection not working at night


“Camera” is not recording motion events at night. This camera covers my back patio area (Approx 6ft x 8ft). There is an 18ft LED rope light hung around the sliding glass door to illuminate the area. I have the low light filter enabled on the camera, a white background for contrast. When watching this camera on my phone/“viewer” there is more than enough light to clearly see when someone walks up, yet it rarely sends an alert to my “viewer” phone. It will send alerts if the motion is within 2 feet of the camera, or if I shine a flashlight on the area. Please fix.


Hi @mbradford140569,

Thank you for reaching out to Alfred!

There are two things we need you to check:

  1. Were you watching live feed on your Viewer Phone when the movement took place? Alfred’s Motion Detection doesn’t work when there is a live session going on. If you end the live-viewing session and try again, Motion Detection should work.

  2. If you were not watching live feed, please check your Event Book to see if you can find the recording:

If you can find the recording but didn’t receive a notification, please make sure notifications are properly set up:

In the meantime, could you set a different device as the Camera Phone and try again to see whether you get the same result?

Keep us posted!


it does not record the motion events at all. Switched camera phones, same problem.


I simply put a Motion Activated LED bar-light above my camera. Whenever something moves & activates the light, it triggers the motion detection camera to start recording. The light bar uses 3 AA batteries & has 12 white LEDs, providing more than enough light for a decent recording.