Motion detection isn't picking up loitering


People were loitering in front of my house, cadets right on them, it discovered their arrival but not their presence out there talking. I find this odd as they had hand and body movement. Kind of frustrating

Android 5.0
Alfred 3.7.66 build 1196

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Hi @stevensfamilycameras,

Thank you so much for reaching out!

This does seem rather strange. Have you checked if Alfred did record the clips, just didn’t send notifications? We have a mechanism not to send too many notifications in a short span of time if they are left unchecked.

If Alfred really didn’t, could you try to adjust the sensitivity level?

We have to admit our Motion Detection algorithm isn’t perfect, but we are constantly working on it! Please continue to support Alfred and stay tuned!


Sensitivity is all the way up, it did not record the activity. I noticed it myself after several minutes and watched the activity. I find this disturbing. I may need to buy a real camera system


Hi @stevensfamilycameras,

Thanks for letting us know!

As I explained before, this could be related to the distance, the movements, as well as the light. Theoretically however, it shouldn’t have happened. Did you (or someone in your Trust Circle) happen to be in the middle of a live view session tho? For the moment, Alfred’s Motion Detection doesn’t work during a live view session. That could also have been why.


Greetings! I have a similar problem. The videos I get do not show the beginning of what ever activated the unit. One example: camera points to driveway. When a car pulls out or in, the video clip only shows an empty drive or one with a vehicle that magically appeared. No motion is visible on the clip. Another example is if someone walks across the field of veiw. Sometimes it shows them just exiting the frame. Other times it shows nothing. This problem just started when I did you most recent update to both phones. Your algorithm should buffer a few seconds behind at all times so all the motion is available on the clip. This new delayed recording does not help at all.


Hi @219austreet,

Thank you for your feedback!

We know what you mean. The thing is we have continuously worked on our pre-buffering technologies, but an algorithm never works 100% (we can only dream).

If it’s possible at all for you to show us a couple of Events before/after the update? The engineers will look into it and see what they can work on!

#9 This first link was after undate. There was a bright red vehicle in the foreground that backed down the drive and out of view top left. This is one of my older ones. Driveway light is triggered by the small bear that gets caught on screen.


I’ve already deleted the others since the update but may get some more tomorrow.


I think this last update seriously degraded the sensitivity. This clip was all that the camera picked up when the vehicle came down the road and pulled into the drive. It did not pick up the driver exiting nor the trunk hatch and back doors opening and items removed and carried off to the left of screen. My previous version would record vehicles in the background that did not even pull in the driveway.
Phone is Android, sensitivity on high.


Hi @219austreet,

Thanks for sharing more info!

Would you mind trying a few things?

First of all, see if you can set your Camera Phone up at a different angle or location. That might make a difference.

Second of all, see if you can try a different device. You might also notice a difference.

Please keep me posted!


No, just obvious motion you’d assume would be picked up.


Hey @stevensfamilycameras,

Were you in the house this entire time? Is your Motion Detection Reminder enabled?

Could you have accidentally disabled Motion Detection when prompted?

Also, have you experienced any similar problems lately?


I have the exact same experience. After I updated to version 3.8.02 (build 1242) motion detection just did not work like before. Sensitivity set on High. I reinstalled previous version 3.7.66 (build 1196) and everything is working fine, back to normal :slight_smile:


Hey @chuminossanfe,

Thanks for sharing your experience!

We have been modifying our Motion Detection algorithm, and we did get some feedback about it not being sensitive enough. Here’s the great news for you: the sensitivity level will be increased again in our next update!

Would you keep me posted about what you think? Thanks in advance!


Shure thing sunny, reporting back. Automatic night vision does not work in latest version: 3.8.16 (build 1256) it does not know when it’s day time. If I activate automatic night vision, it always comes on even with enough light. Before this update it was working fine. For me, the most stable version is 3.7.66 (build 1196) can you please provide a direct download link for that version. I would like to revert back. Thank you very much in advance.


Same problem here with sensitivity in 3.8.16. Car is recorded only when really close.
Also, high sensitivity noise triggers motion detection when switching to night mode.
By the way I like your app a lot! Keep up the good work!


Hi @chuminossanfe,

Thank you for reporting back!

We are looking into the Auto Night Vision not turning itself off issue. Please bear with us! If the issue persists, we’ll see what we can do for you.


Hi @csaba.kocsis.hungary,

Thank you for joining us at Alfred Center!

A certain percentage of the image has to change for Alfred’s Motion Detection to be triggered, so the environment/setup/light have a lot of impact on how well the feature works for you.

Alfred’s Night Vision (Low-Light Filter) still needs a little light to work. You can find some tips here:

Please give the tips a go and see if things improve!


Hi @chuminossanfe,

We might need your help to figure this out!

Would you mind showing us a photo of this Camera Phone’s setup? It’d also be helpful if you could send us a link to an Event.

Thanks in advance!


I have reminders shut off, I was on the premises