Motion Detection isnt detecting anything unless really up close



The motion detection is barely working. The only time it actually works is if I come up extremely close to the camera, or move the camera.

Email used for Alfred login: anonymous
Which device has the problem? Not sure which. I am using my current phone as the camera and chrome as viewer
Device Model Name: LG G3 [D851]
OS Version: 6.0
AppVersion: Latest


Hi @xkevinx217,

Thank you for reaching out!

First of all, please make sure your Motion Detection and notifications are properly enabled:

Second of all, adjust the sensitivity level by tapping on the wheel on the upper left corner on the Camera thumbnail.

Last but not least, please make sure your Camera is plugged in to a power source and that you don’t press the power/home key after setting the Camera Phone up. This effectively puts the phone in sleep/standby mode, which could easily result in the Camera losing WiFi reception capacity.

Give these a go and let me know if it helps!


it’s now about sensitivity …something base line wrong has happened to alfred. and I wish my auto payments stopped until they repair it. I just took my Pups for a walk which takes me head on into 3 cams across my property… Not once did I get alert that it saw me. There is plenty of lighting 1200 lumens led flood lights… As approached each camera, my pace as me allowing at least 5 mins once entering into the light. with two full sized dogs running around me, so yeah there is plenty of movement… my settings are set to high… but when I got in and checked just to see if I missed an alert …sure as the world… the one alert I got…the flood lights turning on via timer about 45 mins before my walk. but not one recording of myself or the pups…but while I was going over the app…I got a seperate alert from each camera caused by the wind moving tree branches at the edge of the light. THE ENTIRE REASON I went with Alfred was go have a multi view system after my truck was broke into… Now I am back to waking up at night checking to see if anything is going on…because ALFRED no longer does what it is suppose to do unless a light turns on or a wind gust moves a branch…


Hi @ritchelbe,

Thank you so much for reaching out.

I am sorry to hear you have been having issues with Alfred’s Motion Detection. We actually didn’t make any modifications recently, so I can’t come up with a possible reason on the top of my head. Was Alfred able to capture recordings of the same movement in the past? Did anything change in the environment at all?

Please let me know more so I can look into it! A link or two to Events might be helpful as well.


Nothing has changed. Here’s what happened today. My HTC is set up at the entrance to my shop. All day I was working in front of the camera as well as moving vehicles in and out as I did a service on them. It only detected and recorded 1 instance of myself getting out of the truck. Not 5 times before or the 5 times I moves my other car which is parked in broad daylight 20ft away direct center of the camera. At 10pm a family member walked in front of the camera twice 20 ft up to it and 20 ft back fully bathed in light. Nothing. …but at midnight I get a dozen alerts because a small patch of fog crossed the viewing area of the camera at the edge of the light. Just to be safe, I got up walked out…up to the camera…shined my light into it and nothing…so I walked to the front of the house were the S6 is and did the same thing…nothing. .both are set on high sensitivity. Hence why I demand my payments be suspended until a solution is found


Hi @ritchelbe,

I am really sorry to hear about this. We haven’t changed the Motion Detection algorithm, so for the moment we have no idea why this feature is not performing as it should for you.

The only advice we have regarding your Cameras is:

  1. The “shop” Camera has to be updated.
  2. S6 doesn’t seem to always have a steady power supply, and it does occasionally get disconnected. Both of these could cause issues.

Please follow the instructions here if you want to cancel Alfred Premium:

You are welcome to keep using the free version till Alfred works better for you again.


Well, the issues are getting worse. Alerted me to minor tree movements due to wind all, bit didn’t do a damp thing when a cop chased a guy running from a drivers license check . The guy ran right underneath the cam, with LEO right behind him… watched from my living room window. Waited for the alert…nothing ! Which really ticked me off…so I took a second and checked my settings …and what do I see an update alert…good ! Maybe they fixed the bugs…but nope…what do I find…some how the HTC has reverted back to build 1288, even though I reinstalled and upgraded to build 1354 a week ago


Hi @ritchelbe,

Thank you for keeping me posted.

Would you please send me links to a couple of recordings so I can get an idea of what the scene, distance and so on are like?

Also, it is a technical impossibility for the version to be rolled back on its own. Maybe the HTC wasn’t properly updated a week ago.

Keep me posted!