Motion detection is not working in events



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Hi @secretfurqan,

Thank you so much for joining us at Alfred Center!

First of all, could you please make sure Motion Detection and notifications are properly enabled?

Also, for the moment, Motion Detection doesn’t work when you are watching live feed. Could you make sure Alfred is dismissed on your Viewer device and you are not logged in to the WebViewer before trying again?

Please let me know if it helps!


Alfred is missing tons of events for me on the first day of use. The pattern of behavior is that when I start it it works ok, and then after a while it stops detecting events. Sometimes it detects one more event but it missed a whole lots of drama that happened right in the center of the area it’s pointed to. This is far from acceptable.


Hi @eyalatu812,

Thank you for joining us at Alfred Center!

Please rest assured this is not what is supposed to happen.

First of all, could you make sure your Motion Detection and notifications are properly enabled? Also, maybe switch Motion Detection Reminder off just to make sure it’s not causing the problem:

Second of all, could you describe the area and activities you are trying to monitor for me? Alfred’s Motion Detection algorithm depends on a variety of factors, including the size of the object on the screen, the speed at which it moves, as well as the color.

Let me know more so I can look into it for you!


Should it be a problem for the Camera Motion Detection if some desktop remote app is connected to the phone (e.g. AirDroid)? Could Camera miss events in this case?
My camera records 5-10sec clips only… this is a free version. would it record longer clips with paid version?



Thanks for visiting Alfred Center!

Alfred’s Motion Detection algorithm determines how long the recording is depending on the movement. For Free users, the recording is kept at a length between 5 and 30 seconds. If the movement continues, it will be broken into multiple clips.

For Premium users, however, the time limit for Motion Event could be up to 120 seconds. This would reduce the cases where long events are broken into multiple recordings. Once you upgraded to Alfred Premium, the time limit will be modified automatically, so you don’t need to change any settings.

Let us know if you need further assistance.