Motion detection fake alerts


The motion detection is bothering me with hundrets of Alerts. But there is absolutely no motion. Just the light is changing from bright to low, or on / off. So i can’t sleep the nights, because every 5 minutes i get an Alert, thinking a thief could be at my door. But it’s only the lights of a car far away on the street, or the light in the window of the nightbour, or the billboard from the shop vis a vis, or …
It could be so easy to solve this problem. Why don’t you?


Hi @foh.handy,

Thank you so much for downloading Alfred and joining us at Alfred Center!

We are sorry to hear about the false alarms. Alfred detects movements by identifying differences between one frame and the next. That is why changes in light could also trigger Motion Detection.

We are constantly trying to optimize Alfred’s Motion Detection algorithm. We know it is not perfect, but we are working on it. Have you tried to adjust the sensitivity level or set your Alfred up in a different place?


thanx fo your reply.
Solving that false light detection could be so easy, if you simply add a motion-time filter, like: “ignore motions less that 1 second”. Light on-off events are less that 1 second, so the false alerts and recordings would be stopped.

re: "Have you tried to adjust the sensitivity level"
YES. When i set the sensitivity less that “high”, the app doesn’t detect peoples motion anymore, but it still detects light on/off events. Totally useless.

re: "set your Alfred up in a different place"
When i want to observe my homes door, i must place the camera at my home door. It doesn’t make sense to place it somewhere else.

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The motion detection of this app is a non functional toy-feature.
I get hundreds of false alerts, just because of changes of the light.
Like this by day->
and like this by night->

I have also attached a screenshot of the alert collection.

Month ago i allready suggested a solution for this problem.
A Filter like "ignore motions less than 1 second"
That should help the problem.
But the development is simply ignoring this problem. :frowning:


Hi foh.handy,

I share the same frustration as yourself.

Unfortunately, I don’t think an “ignore motions less than 1 second” filter is simple to achieve/implement given the way sunny advised the motion detection algorithm works. But it would be nice.


It is very easy to auto-analyse if the frame changes are happening within a second, or more.
It needs exactly 1,x seconds to analyze this.
And if the frame changing peroid is more than 1 seconds = send alert.

The analyzed period should be adjustible. Maybe 0,5 seconds is allready enough. Depending on your type of bulb and room reflections.


e.g. this is a false alert when the light goes off …

I get hundrets per night. So i can watch each of them 14,5 seconds of black darkness alert recording.

The frame changes are within less than 0,5 seconds.
Would be no problem to filter this out.


I was also getting too many false motion alert. I ended up using artificial intelligence to filter the motion alerts and setup a free service for anyone else to do the same at Hope this helps.


If this is working, I ask why it isn’t implented in Alfred?
Anyway, i have allready disabled all notifications. And I don’t want some anymore!
Btw, I don’t think that this “SmartAlert” service can clean the false alerts which appear in the in app list of Alfred. It’s only for cleaning the Email Alerts, isn’t it?


You are correct. Smart Alerts is a way to filter your email motion alerts. Last night, we got heavy snow and my security system attempted to send me 500 motion alerts. Smart Alerts filtered all these out for me and I didn’t receive any notifications (but I did get a notification today when a car drove on our property).


This should be integrated in Alfred!