Motion detection during nightvision


My Moto G (2015) works perfectly with motion detection during the day. Once nightvision kicks in, recordings cut off before the motion ends. Also there is a delay before it starts as the recording has people in the middle of the cam view instead of coming into the view like it does during the day. I think the algorithm needs adjusting.


Hi @AccessDenied,

Thank you for reaching out to Alfred!

Alfred continues to make the motion detection more intelligent. For the moment, when Camera Phone enters night vision mode, there is a limit to what the algorithm can do. Please try add a bit light to make it works more smooth. You can check out more information about auto night vision below:

Hope it helps!


I added more light for the cam. I had to add enough that night vision doesn’t activate. The delay on detection videos and cutting off short were still happening until there was enough light for night vision to not come on.