Motion Detection camera

We are trying to catch the culprit who is letting their dog poo on our garden frequently over the last month. Can the admins explain why it’s not picking up a dog on motion detection? Picks up cars and people, so surely should pick up animals too. Paying for a subscription, so feel like I should be getting the best service. Look forward to getting some answers! Thanks

Motion detector is already dated. Me and my family already use Fever Detection Cameras because motion cameras have issues with the light and at that moment Fever detection can provide absolutely great quality of security. My husband was always very angry when he lost his stuff for the yard so when he ordered new cameras he was sitting all night and watching the screen until he found out that our neighbor was stealing our stuff. War started after my man called the police. I am really glad that we bought fever detection cameras because we are planning to buy a dog so this kind of camera was a great idea.