Motion Detection Algorhithm

is it possible to record before motion is detected so you can see the whole action instead of the video where the action is already in progress? & upload motion detections to Google drive or Dropbox?

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We get these questions so often that we think it is about time to tell you what we are working on at Alfred Center.

In our lab, we have several tester devices. One of them is watching over a park. Here, let me show you.
Our engineer colleagues would nickname the previous algorithm “Ghost Car” because when a car passes by, it triggers the motion detection, and Alfred starts making a video but sometimes it was too late, and the car already left the filming area.

They would say, “hey, there went a ghost car”.

We have been optimizing the algorithm to shorten the gap between trigger and video-marking. It is NOT EASY. I have to defend my colleagues. Do you know how many times when I saw my kitties making some funny movements and wanted to record that moment, only to find that I was too slow? When I grabbed my phone, opened the camera app, and focused on them, it was already toooooooo late. Of course I know motion detection technology and a dumb photographer are different, but I am really proud of them and their accomplishments.

Why doesn’t Alfred keep filming, and edit the part with motion? Yes, that will be easier for sure, but is that what we users want? That will consume more power, more computing capacity. Also, that is not aligned with our principle and philosophy. Alfred doesn’t watch all the time. It only delivers videos to your Camera device when you open the app for Live View, or sends you motion detection video alerts when movements are detected. We know that video transmission is not new, and there are old recipes we can apply to Alfred, but, ahem, we want to innovate.

As for saving videos, that is under development. Saving videos and saving to your designated location. In fact, we’d like to know your preferred way of saving videos. Please tell us more. Oh, and if you’d pay for this feature. If yes, how much?

Alfred is a free mobile app that turns your smartphones into home security cameras


Oh my, the motion detection is, IMHO, 1) the weakest feature in Alfred today, and 2) the MOST IMPORTANT feature. Motion detection is what will empower me in court some day; providing the evidence of a burglary & hopefully identifying the perpetrator.

Please build it and release it to beta – I’ll be the first to sign up for it!
If the public didn’t complain when Apple offered “Live Photos” (recording more than was expected by a Camera app at the time), I’d think they’d be open to these improvements.

Maybe the principle & philosophy do not match that of Alfredians? lol. After all, we downloaded an app that we expect to “watch all the time” and thereby ease our minds with an empowering sense of security.


I’m sure one is missing something with the '
is it possible to record before motion is detected’

The current app is what one wants, its a security App, it detects movement and notifies one. Being able to set longer recording times, would help.

Sensitvity, that must be a nightmare for developers, yet the current option in very linier, hight/low asliding scale would be nice.

Saving videos, that’s a difficult one as you run into issues of Camera security integrity and chain of evidence, in that regard being able to get the video file with a password request option for law enforcement would assist.
As for save to option, cloud storage would help and be easiest. Though having the option to save to local network would also help, saving to the phone seems daft as it it is stolen then you loose all the info. Pay for Alfred Cloud Storage charges, little like GDrive $2 amonth for 100Gig seems fair if you want to store on your servers.

Live always watch you can watch live, and a record button allows for recording, maybe on the receiver phone. But not part of Alfred as not what got the app for, however having Alfred being split into split apps like a jigsaw would allow people to maybe tailor what they want. So those of us that want a light security app ca have that and others what they want?

Just for conversation’s sake … would the proposed solution be able to re-write over old recordings that were not flagged with motion? If so, I would imagine a device doesn’t need that much storage as long as the app re-uses the space available.

Would the app be able to take a significant snippet (before & after motion detection) and automatically store it elsewhere (in a separate directory, cloud storage, etc.)?

A quick reply: It is in our development plan.

Alfred is a free mobile app that turns your smartphones into home security cameras


To paraphrase an emailed suggestion (before being directed to this newsgroup), a continuously recording small video buffer (eg 5 seconds) which could be prepended to the present triggered video might be relatively easy to implement, and should address privacy concerns of any sensitive users?


David_male: +10

Just a 3-5 second recording buffer … even at a low frame rate, stored in memory and continually recycled in motion detection mode… then prepended to the motion detection video would be AMAZING!

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I’m with Jared_Gerber and the gang.

Always prepared to pay for an app that fills a need.

Personally, I’d go for Alfred creating a constant video cache using devices local storage… in order to deliver the ‘real time’ event.

Given that my device in permanently plugged into the mains, it would not be a power issue.
Might be a heat issue though. Especially if older devices are being utilised.
With that, you’d need to be able to set a ‘cooling’ period where the caching would pause and allow cool down. Revert to non-cache ‘normal’ capture method during this time.

At the moment, the main issue for me is sensitivity.
I’m looking down a garden path, and a person has to get pretty darn close to my phone before motion is detected. That’s my main issue against paying atm.

Yet in general, a home CCTV system is around £200. Id say that leaves you a lot of room for a very competitive pricing structure :slight_smile:

Very impressive so far…