Motion alert does not work



motion alert does not work with smartphones over the road. I tried with a samsung s4 mini and a lg3. The phones work in other places.
Thank you


Hi @diegodattiliocam,

Thank you for reaching out to Alfred!

Can you find any recorded videos in your Event Book afterwards? Could you make sure notifications have been properly enabled?

Also, could you check if you have allowed notifications from Alfred on your Viewer devices?

Please keep me posted so I can help you figure things out!


Ciao, grazie per la risposta.
Si, qualche video c’è ma non funziona con le persone, ho provato io a camminare sotto tante volte.
Ma questa mattina ha intercettato una persona.
Le notifiche sono attivate e la sensibilità è alta.
Grazie per l’aiuto.


Hello, thanks for the reply.
Yes, there are some videos but it does not work with people, I tried to walk under so many times.
But this morning he intercepted a person.
Notifications are activated and sensitivity is high.
Thanks for your help.