More specific detection (people, vehicles)


I have a Furbo dog camera in my house that gives me more specific alerts, in particular detecting the presence of a person rather than simple motion, as well as my dog barking (fooled with loud noises). In my experience with Alfred, motion detection even on the low setting still goes off all the time on a windy day with trees moving or a partly cloudy day with brightness and shadows very slowly changing. Specifically detecting people, vehicles, or excessive noise that might correlate with a break-in would be much more beneficial, and you could even add the ability to select which detection methods to employ depending on the camera location.


Hi @rdbellman,

Thank you for the feedback!

Alfred keeps working on making the motion detection more intelligent. We will look into the possibility to offer more specific detection. It is something we may develop in the future. Please stay tuned and continue to support Alfred!


Perhaps we could have a mask to specify the movement area so we don’t capture every beautiful cloud that floats by ?


This app is great and has a lot of potential uses, but unfortunately the indiscriminate motion detection produces way too many false alarms for my purposes. I am only interested in people coming to/from my front door. Wind blowing the tree limbs and cars driving by in the distance trigger even on the lowest setting. Phone is recording once every minute or two, but nobody’s there. I would love to see person detection in the future.