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First of all thank you all for this great idea it’s about time someone has come up with a useful tool. I work out of town a lot and I always set up a camera in my room why not free WiFi and all. I have cought maids taking change not all but still helping themselves. I have even cought a maintenance person making themselves a sandwich from my food in the refrigerator. But the worst one of all was I watched a cleaning lady put on her yellow cleaning gloves and proceed to clean the restroom and then move to the kitchen and clean the microwave and counters and coffee station wearing the same gloves and using the same rag she clean the bathroom with I I threw up in the trash can while watching the video. When I showed management they comped me my room and assured me that the problem would be taken care of. The next day the maid was still there. I sent the file to the department of health and let them take care of it. I also use offered as kind of an alarm for my car. It works better than a proximity sensor and the best part about it there is no better remote control then your phone. I sent a prop it up in my back window plug it in to the cigarette lighter and it watches my car all night. So thank you creators of Alfred.



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