Merry Christmas! A New Year Gift From Alfred



I believe it’s the letter O. Because it gives off a sense that your whole house is being protected and watched all around.


It is logo F. This logo represents a shield for protection and Butlers uniform. :heart:️:gift::ok_hand:


Option O, I’d say, as that’s the whole point, alfred keeps an eye on your home, and you can see it through his eye too


Letter I, the home with the dot in the middle.


H is the new logo I bet, just filling 20 characters


I think it’s N. Because it’s all there in the picture!


The letter I in the group of pictures. I chose this because it contains a shield for security, around a house, with a recording dot in the center. It clearly translates to monitored home security. Wishing everyone a safe, sound, and secure new year. Thanks Alfred.


I’m gonna go with N.


It’s the one on the bottom letter N


I guess the New Logo is the “N” (house with play button) … Also N as New :slight_smile:


Hello, this would be my suggestion. A combo of 3 of the choices given. I would like to see the Alfred shield #f inside of the house acorn #k and the space in the top area thats open let’s put the camera eyeball #idk. It might look a little like this, forgive my crayons:


Hi all :wave:

The « A » make me think to the symbol when camera is offline. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
This last make me think to the offline recording ( for premium users ), waited by a lot of serious regular users.

The logo isen’t interesting me, sorry. :man_shrugging:
It’s a marketing concept, and I am a simple customer of the app. I don’t pay for the logo but for the feature inside.

Anyway, if this Christmas game make the users more numerous on the forum, that’s great.
Health and happiness for Alfred, Alfred team and all the users !


Option o

The first thing you see is the home image in the center. That implies value, importance. The lines that form the home image continue to form the second image of the outer shape of a watchful eye that is guarding the home. For me that would best represent home security and real time recording.


Is it i. It’s got the Alfred vest and an eye. It seems more grown up. Not to flashy either.


My choice is"O" looks the best


F… Look safusticated and modern


The Answer is B. The second choice which has a house with an eye in the middle.


I’m Sorry I believe the answer is I, how do we know who Wins?


New Logo Announcement! Story Behind The Design

It is option N, home with play button, this represents the core values perfectly. Real time recording And home/office/ property security. Also the colour combinations tells us about the distance, when you are away from home the live recording makes you feel that you are present there, at that very moment.