Merry Christmas! A New Year Gift From Alfred



Okay I give in. I’m still dubious as to how you have managed to cox so many first time posters out of the woodwork but then you should know me by now Mr sceptical. Anywhos here’s my guess.

Unfortunately you can’t see it just like you can’t see my camera because of the tirade of advertisements that you are bestowing upon us.
As always kind regards.


I think it is F because alfred likes to look sharp while watching your house. :eyes:


Letter O the one with the house in the eye. Reason shows that the app has security and trust within the eye of the camera! Alice


We believe it is the last one, letter ‘o’, the eye with the house inside. We think it represents a home being completely covered by a watchful eye, and the closest thing to watching with your eyes is having an alfred camera that watches and records in real time.


I think it is N.) for in the question clue (The new logo reflects the core value of Alfred: Home Security and Real-time Recording.) this fits the best but I actually like F.) the tuxedo shield its neat & discreet. Happy New Year 2019 We Welcome You with Open Arms.


I bet it’s the last one, O


I think its the last one its an eye watching over a home making the users feel safe knowing there home is always being watched


I believe it is I because it has, a shield for security, a house for home protection, and a recording symbol for real time recording. Also because I like that one the most.:grin:


screenshotCropped27122018_132605 большой брат следит)))


I vote ‘O’.

The icon signifies a watchful eye in the heart of the home, just like a camera with the Alfred app loaded onto it. An all-seeing eye in your home keeping you safe.


La the letter “F” or “K”


I say “N”. Alfred has literally saved the time and lives of all of our employees. We love Alfred and I have managed to get everyone hooked.


The last one ‘O’. Home in the eye.


L house with the eye


K and F combined.

Or simply L on its own.


I think it’s N if I had to take a guess from what you asked in the question.


I like F as a logo. Best in that fits the name. Imo


Last logo: O - house inside eye


F still looks like a butler