Merry Christmas! A New Year Gift From Alfred



Letter B is the best symbol to represent Alfred. Seems to epitomise what the functional goal is.


I think it’s N! House with play button


Hey guys,

Thank you all for submitting the answers!

Each logo seems to present a special meaning. That’s why it was not easy for us to pick one among them, too!

However, some of the users above have chosen the same logo with us for the exact same reason why we picked it! What’s more, by far there are two people guessed the actual new logo correctly.

Would you like to look through the post and threads and guess again? Don’t forget to tell us why you choose the Logo!


F because it’s classy with a tuxedo to indicate trust/security/professional in the shape of a shield which identifies protection/security.


I made this “concept”, because all of yours don’t have any reference to “Real-time”

Refinement would be necessary to make better


The new Alfred symbol would be example L. Because it’s like your house literally has eyes.


Or this,


It’s ‘L’ Eye in the house


It’s got to be K because it incorporates a house and a shield in the best way


L shows how Alfred keeps a “watchful eye” over you and your home! It is also the creepiest logo. It reminds me of that song, “I always feel like… somebody’s watching me”


I would say L as it shows the home with a constant eye watching out for incidents


I like O the eye with the house in it or L


The N logo,

It is protect the house and you can play wherever you are :slight_smile:


I think it is a - picture and it looks like a camera snapshot was the eyelid in the middle of the eye


I think the new logo is logo “O” the house surrounded by the eye


Letter I, the home with the dot in the middle.



F. That would be a cool new logo


My guess will be letter L. because is keeping an eye in your house.


Where is the second clue?


“L”, it’s the house icon with the eye in the middle. It says everything you represent without words