Merry Christmas! A New Year Gift From Alfred



I choose either F or O


I would say L not only because of the home and the eye, but because the eye is looking from inside the home outwards, which is the most common use (I’d think) of Alfred.


Immagine con lettera L “casa con più sicurezza”


i think it is L because it shows a house shielded under a watchful eye


I say keep the current logo make it look more protective with a slightly younger face and a hat showing logo D on it, also maybe a uniform with the logo on it.


Based on the picture, I think it is N. The house with the triangle “play” button.

New Logo Announcement! Story Behind The Design



There is no competition on this one. The logo that resembles a tux is the clear choice. It stays true to the very name of the app, “Alfred”. He watches of your home. I think that to take away the Alfred vibe, would be to take away the very character of the app. Alfred is the reason the app stays ahead of similar apps competing to be alfred.


Even though I think “F” #6 would be a nice logo to see upon startup, I would have to go with “O” #15 for my choice. I am studying graphic design at the moment and to me is that logo embodies both the keywords of “home-security” and “real-time recording”.


My guess is the home and eye!


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I think I looks like something Alfred would see on a Christmas tree as he was putting his note there. Plus the symbol of a house and with the dot in the middle to representing an eye or camera.


I’m going to say “I”. Not my fav, but it shows an eye on home security. I prefer the tuxedo pic!


I believe it is the logo letter O the eye with the house inside of it; due to watching you; protecting what ever you have our Camera on; knowing it’s a secure and dependable app!


I think it’s the last one “o”. It’s the one that best represents Alfred in my opinion.


L because it’s showing the eye which is live feed and the house which being home security


I’m going with the last one (“O”)…eye & house.


F, because it has a classy shield look, like Alfred!


It will be F it might be something else but I really think it will be F.


Logo (F) The Livery .