Merry Christmas! A New Year Gift From Alfred



Je to obrázok L dom s okom.


It’s the letter “O” the house inside the eye. At the same time that Alfred does the security of your house, Alfred also does the live streaming. That’s awesome for me! Thanks to all Alfred’s team!


A mix of F and A like this


Hi Superheroes,

Thank you all for joining us at this event! We read every single comment and some of your ideas are really amazing. We also appreciate those drawings, very cool and creative! The winners will be published next week. Stay tuned to the posts!

2018 is coming to an end very soon, especially for our Australian users, less than an hour to be in 2019!

We want to wish you a happy new year and have a good time with your family & friends! :fireworks::fireworks::fireworks:


Alfred Team


It’s D the one that looks like upside down Christmas tree


For sure option ‘o’ is the absurd best. Al the rest are too similar to other apps or look like they sh9uld be emblazoned on a superheroes chest in a kids movie.keeping a subtle but watchful eye on our homes is epitomised by logo ‘o’. Please let it be o!



Fits the name of the company and still gives a nod to function.


I think “k”…its cool looking


It gonna be D it’s a symbol for security and keeping your family safe


I’m going to take letter A the one that looks like a camera and a little ball in the middle kind of like an eyeball


Logo B or logo O because they both reflect the initiative perception of real time, shutters of a camera, and the center of both logos give the assumption of being watched, guarded, protected,


I think it’s the one under the letter I as in I see you lol


O because it symbolizes both home security (house) and watching (eye)


F because it looks like alfreda tux


N if you stick with the clues. Home :house: security and real time recording :arrow_forward:

Happy New year everyone!

New Logo Announcement! Story Behind The Design

I think there is the i version. It combines the home security with real time


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I think it is item ‘o’, or should be. Keeping an eye on my home!


I think it’s the letter I


Hi Superheroes,

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Our new logo is “N”! Did you guess it right?


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