Merry Christmas! A New Year Gift From Alfred




#8. House with the eye


@ricardo that’s very impressive but unless I am missing something

You have 2, 630, 000 users currently using Alfred, while I understand that 2.5 million users is impressive to me I have yet to check what other similar apps are achieving. Out of that 2.5 million users how many are premium.? And why did the other 7.5 million users ditch Alfred ?
And what’s this competition about ? You have got a new logo and we have to draw a picture of what it might look like ? What Christmas craziness is this. It is like saying I’m thinking of a number between 1 and 24 gazillion and you have to guess what it is… To the nearest decimal point.
Anyway merry Christmas to all my readers and I hope you all get a refund on your old Alfred signs which apparently will now be meaningless and or at least out of date.



Hi @tonysicko @kchedid123 @darlakdougherty,

Thank you for joining us at this event! Would you like to draw your ideas and upload here?

@nicolepratt1922 @colbysizemore,

You guys are amazing! Oh, by the way, the 2nd clue has come out. You are welcome to submit your NEW idea!


Thanks for the inquiries. The numbers in the pictures you uploaded are actually the registered users on our forum. Not every user who downloads and uses Alfred signed up on our forum. We know we still have a lot to improve, and we are happy that there are so many users supporting us on our way.

The purpose of this event is to let our users know that we are going to have a New Logo. Also, during the Christmas holidays, we would like to invite them to join us in the celebration. We know the 1st clue might be too vague. So we have released the 2nd clue! Please continue to share your idea with us here :slight_smile:


New Logo Announcement! Story Behind The Design

Good job, Willam!

Let’s take a look at the first clue again:

The new logo reflects the core value of Alfred: Home Security and Real-time Recording.

Home Security and Real-time Recording… I think you are getting closer to the answer!

Would you like to let us know what software you used to draw the paintings?



@ricardo thank you for the explanation at least that has shed a little light in to a very dark and scary corner. I’m still astonished by the lack of warning about a apparent logo change and the lack of imagination in the way to present such a change I mean if this was a drawing /art/craft app then I would be reaching for my cross stitch frame with a frantic festive fever to indulge my creative craving to create a magical Alfred icon but it’s not it’s a security app so it would make more sense to have a competition about security related issues with the winners receiving the newly updated Alfred logo signs. Then perhaps a few more of us could participate instead of come on kid’s find the clues and draw a dodgy drawing.
Kind Regards. And am looking forward to the next Alfred competition perhaps an egg and spoon race.


Hi Nicole,

Thanks for submitting a new idea! Would you like to let us know why you think the new logo should look like this?


Hi Pinky,

Thanks for the advice! It’s for sure that we want to hold an event that every Alfred user would like to join. If you have any idea for the future events, you are welcome to send me a private message and we can talk about it.

Have happy holidays!


Hey, I used paint to create my ideas…it kind of through me off, this clue. It was much different than the 1st clue. I’m not sure if I’m heading in the right direction lol GIVE ME ANOTHER CLUE LOL


I choose either F or O


I would say L not only because of the home and the eye, but because the eye is looking from inside the home outwards, which is the most common use (I’d think) of Alfred.


Immagine con lettera L “casa con più sicurezza”


i think it is L because it shows a house shielded under a watchful eye


I say keep the current logo make it look more protective with a slightly younger face and a hat showing logo D on it, also maybe a uniform with the logo on it.


Based on the picture, I think it is N. The house with the triangle “play” button.

New Logo Announcement! Story Behind The Design



There is no competition on this one. The logo that resembles a tux is the clear choice. It stays true to the very name of the app, “Alfred”. He watches of your home. I think that to take away the Alfred vibe, would be to take away the very character of the app. Alfred is the reason the app stays ahead of similar apps competing to be alfred.