Merry Christmas! A New Year Gift From Alfred



Is it i. It’s got the Alfred vest and an eye. It seems more grown up. Not to flashy either.


My choice is"O" looks the best


F… Look safusticated and modern


The Answer is B. The second choice which has a house with an eye in the middle.


I’m Sorry I believe the answer is I, how do we know who Wins?


New Logo Announcement! Story Behind The Design

It is option N, home with play button, this represents the core values perfectly. Real time recording And home/office/ property security. Also the colour combinations tells us about the distance, when you are away from home the live recording makes you feel that you are present there, at that very moment.


Creio que o “logo” escolhido e o da letra “k”, pois é vo que mais se relaciona com o logo atual, preservando assim algumas características deste logo de tanto sucesso.


I believe it is the eye with the house.

For me the eye with the house best represents your company securing lives.


For home security, almost any logo may acomplish with it, but for real time recording ? That’s hard. I think it’s i option


I would say o for my opinion. Its keeping the house save from every corner. You keep and eye on us, and i am thankful for the opportunity to be lucky enough to discover this app. It was my guardian angel in handful of situations. Many times i thought I was going crazy, but being able to rewind the recordings and all that in HD…it is my homes guardian angel.




I’m no artist and I’ve left my crayons in 7th grade so please some one draw a cloud with a padlock on or near it or made up of three padlocks preferably in the Van Gogh style then incorporate Mr Speilberg behind a camera as his films last for ever, then behind him have a pit with punji spikes around the sides pointing down representing the fact that once your in you can’t get out, then colour it in with said crayons. Job done. I should have done the design for London 2012 Olympics then perhaps it wouldn’t have just looked like Zion


The overall pic represents Alfred - a butler uniform. But the icon is also shaped like a shield which represents security. The bow tie is like 2 play buttons which represents real time recording. The white area represents the house and the 3 dots are different points in the house where you can use the Alfred security. The logo also gives off a very discreet vibe which is how I feel with the Alfred home security. It gives security without being too obvious. :blush:


I think the new logo is letter “O” the eye with the house inside of it. Why ? Because Alfred is always watching everything 24hrs a day. Thanks Alfred ! :slight_smile:


The letter K on the list


It’s the letter O last on the list. I think this because it to me displays the eye for real time monitoring and security and the home it protects.


Letter O: you can watch your home real-time. House=home, in the eye=real-time watching (recording)


Or turn it upside down and it looks like a medieval helmet.


I’m gonna say O