Make Live Multi Viewing


Should be easy to make a tab that you can multi view all cameras at once and live as well and a option to run through each camera on a timed cycle…

also a edit option such as gamma, contrast, brightness, for each individual camera for recording and for live viewing.

. also some viewing one camera be able to switch to next camera from each camera viewing


@diabeticblanco I don’t think that option is on the to do list at the moment.
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I have and I know it should be though that’s why I posted


Hi @diabeticblanco,

Thank you for reaching out!

Monitor multiple Cameras at the same time is something we may develop in the future. For the moment, could you try using Webviewer to deliver it?

Thanks for the feedback and we will look into the possibility for sure. Please stay tuned and continue to support Alfred!


No I’m talking about from one phone or from 1 computer screen seeing all screens live come on now trying to twist everything around lol I know you can already do that I’m talking about viewing all the cameras live at the Same time


True if you’ve only got smart phone as viewer option webveiwer is useless multiple live feeds on the one screen absolutely should be an option…