Make Alfred for Videosurveillance for the porch



Hello, My name is Eneko, I’m spanish, I’m a kid.
Last Friday a week ago they came to rob my grandfather’s house, where I live this summer. So that they do not enter to rob from the garage or to house I have created a unique system thanks to the app of Alfred, I am going to make a review of YouTube in Spanish and in English. I leave a picture of everything. how I saw that the houses that have alarms have a sign like “Secured by ADT” I have also made some posters to print in several languages ​​and to warn at home that they are being watched, I leave the posters I made with PhotoShop, I hope that you like this post, I will return with the YouTube review. Thank you alfred for avoiding that yesterday they returned to enter. Goodbye and I leave you with everything.

ALFRED SIGNS (English, Spanish and Français):

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My Alfred Memories - Share Your Story
My Alfred Memories - Share Your Story
Save videos locally till connection is restored

Not bad at all but u need set it someplace where it’s weather proof and inside facing the doorways and driveways like mine is set up… beside that first rain that comes down that phone will be a goner… not only that but the sunlight alone will make it so hot that it’ll shut itself down. It did mine at first then I found a better and cooler way to do my setup… Let me show if I can figure out how to upload this image of mine… I can keep eye out on my Papaw and the driveway and I keep motion detection activated 24/7 & on the high setting so I don’t miss a thing… lol. But here hang on I’m gonna try upload mine to show u…


Already, when it is going to start to rain or it is hot I usually put a film on top so that it does not get wet or hot, I have also sealed with hot silicone the cable and the entrances so that it does not get wet, also soon I will go up the other way I did that by putting it in an empty electricity box and drilling a hole.

Thanks for your collaboration, Regards,


This one is our driveway here. I mounted the phone inside in the front window… Used a coat hanger to keep place like it is… It don’t miss a thing

And this one is inside. If anything happens at all no matter where I’m at I can keep eye on my Papaw… I hid it in the rack that holds the meat seasoning stuff. Nobody has seen it yet either. Hahaha …


And does not the detection of movement unnecessarily notice you when the cars pass by the road?


Phone positioning

Also if you visit Alfred on Facebook there are some inspirational ideas on there for camera device positioning.


Yea when I got motion detection on, it picks up just about every vehicle driving by unless I lower the setting to low so that it only gets what pulls in or out or the driveway… Inside the trailer motion works flawlessly… I love this app cause it’s saved me from having to buy a $300 security system… It’s caught several things already around here when I was gone. I love it…


Hello my name is Daniel and I live in a small town where everyone knows everyone! Well my story starts out as me going to a Doctor and she diagnosed me has paranoid skitso and PTSD on top of that! I have spent some time in prison where I saw alot of crazy things and after returning home I started my life back! I was doing good for a few years but once again found myself back on the same road! The road to prison! Well one night has I walked home from my parents house I saw a car pulling close to me! Has to my surprise two men exited the vehicle and I started to fight them! One of the men had a knife and cut me from my underarm down to my belt line! I was rushed to the Trauma center! All of that trauma really messed with my head! Well a few months after I would hear voices and people talking to me! One night I got into it with two guys that I know and they was shooting BB’s at me so I got my little BB gun and would shoot back! After about 3 days of this I called the police and when they came out I ended up going to jail! I spent a week for nothing just because they wouldn’t quit! When I got home the name calling continued and I was being watched has I took a shower used the bathroom etc etc! I couldn’t figure out how they where doing it until one day while I was reading about Alfred it dawned on me! This is how I could hear them and no one else could! That is also how they could see me in my private moments! I have tried to tell people but they just think I’m crazy! But what they don’t know is that they are being watched also! So Alfred please fix this so no one else will ever have to go through what I have! It has been far worse than any jail or prison! I just hope this is all over but I know it’s probably not! Well until next time if there is a next time because I go to court in two days and I maybe locked up for nothing! Sincerely
Daniel Dykes