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Did anyone find me and Alfred’s friendship story??

Well today is Tuesday the 10th of December. Alfred suited up this evening in his spy wear and showed up on time for work . I was so proud of him . You see alfred was getting kind of lazy there for a little while
He would go to sleep anytime he wanted .
Let me give you a little back ground info about Alfred’s and his employment with me

I stumbled across alfred one evening he was looking and I need a job done
Alfred worked a few days with no pay he wanted to show me how good he was and all the things he know ,what he could do. Sure I’ll go for that.well mr alfred camera he did what he said he could do and then some.
he did something’s I didnt really first. Like he though he’s ZOOM was kool cuz it tapped I didnt really like it that much ,its kinda had to work on my devices he keep saying it takes time be payshunt dont get so mad at zoom its not his fault hes different you dont no how to work him hes not like the rest of them
Alfred keep telling me zoom was better then the rest just wait you’ll see … mine and Alfred’s friendship blossom .)

Alfred last night the ldeler keel alfred byzy
I am so sorry I dropped my phone and it wasn’t working properly so I couldn’t finish my little story about mr alfred camera I should be able to finish it by tomorrow sometime please be payshont with me
Ok let see if I can finish this up as short as possible like I said I’m no writer
Maybe I’ll finish mine and Alfred’s friendship story and all the GREAT THINGS HE DOES right now not a good time for me
He’s what I use alfred for
Alfred watches my bedroom window he watches all might works j.g hard had to i have a sneakier window peeper
That like to shine his light on me at night through my bedroom window i can catch him no matter what i do that’s why i have alfred he’s helping I’ve gotten a few pic but not good enough for police we keep trying this person is driving me crazy my family didnt even believe me until a few weeks ago so sorry bnb I started all over this and can’t finish it but I have to take things in my own hand and handle it as I see fit
GOODDAY. My dragonflys


Totally worth it in fact I was well paid myself I was well paid to up an ex especially he depends Microsoftndable I’ll practically games to play the playlist play the player you know I can’t believe it either but trust me believe it up behind the Alfred up it’s just that person a person of the unknown a person playing both sides in a person leads to a whole circle in the hole block what do you know I got to play to I love you all for that middle way straight clownin

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Well I’m back in alfreds here to help. never did catch the peeper that was peepin in my window all those nights Alfred hard at work so now his employment is guarding my bedroom I now live with two other roommates and I want to see who comes and goes from my room Alfred he’s a good man he works hard and well worth his employment.