Lower resolution for upgrade



Like some others I’ve seen, my connection isn’t the fastest. This means upgrading for me at least won’t work owing to bandwidth/speed concerns.

I’m missing out on some cool new features.

I was wondering if at some point, a lesser demanding version could be available to those like myself please?

Thank you very much


Hi @chipfryer,

Thank you for reaching back out!

Sorry to hear about this. You can actually manually change Camera settings to Low Resolution, but the upgrade would be pointless in that case.

We are constantly trying to make Alfred more data- and energy-efficient. Hopefully it will happen some day!

In the meantime, you can consider Alfred Plus, which is a one-time payment for permanent ad removal:

Hope this helps!


Hi there. Hmmmm didn’t know the resolution could be lowered. I’ll check bandwidth when the month ends and see what the situation is.

Thank you very much