Lower cost of membership, please!7

we need these features, please
The service you offer us is futuristic and extremely securing. To think that you have progressed it even further is monumental. Dare I say, this is one of those, if given away, freely could benifit humanity and take it to the next level? You’re doing it currently with the free version, what’s a little more saving Humanity going to hurt? Of course it’s good that you’re getting money in your pockets. That’s dreamy. There are two business models about pricing and Gain. EG sell it for more making more money with fewer sales and there is sell it for Less making many more sales, making more money that way. I vote you go with the later option. I haven’t looked into how you have structured your pricing schemes. If it’s a buy it once and it’s yours forever upgrade , that’s good, if one were to lower the price you’re going to make lots more money especially if you advertise the benefits quite clearly. If it’s a subscription you’re offering that is much and much more complicated. The best options there are decrease the cost of subscription across-the-board, then, decrease the cost of subscription when buying longer periods of subscription. another idea, that comes to me, is offer a subscription that is a forever subscription. I don’t know if you have to maintain any aspect of the code for those who have my subscription. If one purchases a forever subscription give them the Code come up with a waiver that they can’t distribute it. Those are my thoughts! At best make premium free.

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I feel the same as you ,its just awesome technology but i can buy a motion wi-fi cam for what this app is running me.Please make some reasonable changes if a person pays to remove ads then adjust the annual fee with a credit, thanks for the Awesome Software but for the cost of Ad removal and membership im ordering an ip camera no membership fees no ads. ,

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Thanks this is what I have been eluding to for a while now.

Nice to know I’m not alone