Look what my cam caught. GHOST. NOT FAKE


Real TV show.

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Wow. I have a stalker and it seems he knows where the camera are. I even change them to different places and still can’t get him on camera. At this point in losing my mind. No One believe me enough to help.

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A physical stalker or a virtual hacker?

Call the cops n have them silently patrol outside your place all night. That’s there job. Serve n protect Or least there suppost to. Or hire someone to sit outside ur place nightly til they catch who it is, etc

Unless they can issue fines to collect fines for the office which is why they are called officers then they aren’t really interested as like sales people they have their quotas to fill

That was a bug crawling across the cam lol thats what I think cause one mine that is doing my driveway so I’ve seen it happen and it looked just like that and I know it was a bug cause I was just checking my feed and saw so ran outside and saw it was a spider.